Significant decrease in RP gains since the Major Update release

Today I played a game in my F16AJ in an air realistic battle. I do not have a talisman for my aircraft however I do have a premium account as I currently am in the progress of grinding out a few tech trees for both air and ground.
In this game I killed 2 aircraft as well as getting an assist and several ground targets. The game lasted around 11 minutes, and I had an activity score of 95%. From all of this, I gained 7,724RP for a Unit, and 7,724 for Modifications. In total 15,448 Research Points. I thought this was quite low compared to what I have gained previously so I looked at one of my games from fairly recently, using the exact same aircraft with no boosters applied with my premium account enabled. Within this game, I obtained 4 kills and a single base. The match lasted 14 minutes and I had an activity of 99%. Thus my rewards were 17,286 Research for a unit, and 15,898 for Modifications, in total resulting in 33,184 RP. This is more than double than what I gained today.
With the “shortening” of some tech trees by increasing the amount of folders within them, the grind seemed to be easier. However today I disagree. Some tech trees have not become shorter, the Swedish air tree for example. Positioning of aircraft have changed around but all in all the grind is as long as it would’ve been without the changes. Thus making me question why I am gaining less RP than what I was a few days ago. All I am wondering is, Why? There was no information within the devblog that I read about the RP gains decreasing as well as in the patch notes, so personally I would like to know why this is, and I’m fairly sure a few other people would also like to know as well. Thanks for reading and I hope you can see what makes me confused. If you would like proof of the games I can screenshot them and place them in the replies. Cheers.

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Yea i agree rp gain is trash particularly in ground… look at this


Honestly there’s no point of even complaining anymore or trying to get their attention for the RP grind. I gave up and the game has gotten boring trying to get to top tier. Its just no longer fun and more of a chore than anything else


Yea grind is pathetic for ground so so bad… I might just quit again

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I don’t mind ground, its air for me that I’ve given up on.

And this is still going even here in the future in October

don’t mind if it is in Italian

Do you have premuim i cant tell?

what plane was you researching