Significant change to Naval aiming at planes

Anyone else notice this?
When aiming at planes, the camera moves to help track them. I’m noticing this in Arcade at least. It’s actually a significant change.

Aiming at planes as they’re flying overhead from the water feels unnatural because there is the dead spot directly ahead where the controls become inverted. I’m not sure the gun controls would actually behave like that, so it hasn’t felt right for a while. Now the camera tracks, so when they fly over that deadzone, the game does the work to keep your control scheme consistent.

Pretty good improvement imo.

Not sure if its related to tracking targets by pressing the appropriate button. I think the default was always “x”? I thought it always set a tracking camera that focuses on what ever you are tracking with “x”, when ever you aim.
Trouble I had with it is if I aim at another target, it goes back to what im tracking and I the camera swings to it.
Maybe they improved or fixed what I was talking about? I say I only notice it in arcade. I have not played enough RB to test it out.

It just automatically happens when you target a plane. Have to change your target for it to stop I believe.