Side scraping

I learned a little trick today about side scraping and was wondering if anyone got any little tricks up there sleeve

Easiest and best available option is to just go into the armor inspector for a bit and see what tank you wanna play, and then examine what stuff you might face and where they could pen you at certain angles. Armor map will show you the areas the round can and cannot pen

I know about the armour analyser, i am after little techniques how to get 1 on your opponent. Thanks for your reply

If you get too far into enemy teritory, find nice spot and turn off your engine.

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You’d be surprised how well this works, especially if you’re a little hidden or parked against a house or something, people just don’t “see” you. (also don’t move turret or barrel…)

Good old bino-shot on long distances.

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Im into the commander view now 😉

On the abandoned factory, C point, the windows on the destroyed batiments are at the right height to hide the hull of the VBCI but leave the unmanned turret sticking out, allowing for some good fun on unsuspecting tank, and once they start noticing you they’ll focus the invincible turret until your team mates clear them. Also you can cap the point and reload ammunition from some of those buildings.

I hear you can get on the roof of the abandoned factory