Sick of Not Being Able To Steer My Ships

I get hit & 75% of the time the result is “Ship Is Out OF Control!” says the voice.
This has happened from as little as machine gun round on a freaking destroyer.

I’ve played Naval Arcade for years. This is new. It’s BS. I have studied naval battles. The accounts are not about all the engaged ships being unable to steer minutes into the engagement. Diagrams of fleet engagement are not curlicues of all the ships going round in circles.

It’s historic when it has happened. The Bismark for example. That’s how it was finished. A lucky torpedo shot got the rudder. " Bismarck, with its steering mechanism damaged, could not steer out of a turn to starboard."


I don’t matter to you. I understand that. And I put up with all the other flaws over the years.
But this steering BS goes or I do. I have had enough of it.


Take 5 deep breaths and try again


Loss of steering can happen for many reasons, and occurs more frequently than you may realise as they rarely make the news like Bismark. A certain cargo ship recently suffered from such as failure, but it made headlines because of the unfortunate results minutes later rather than the failure itself.

In game there’s bridge, steering controls and rudders that can be hit, and a lot of players will most certainly aim for the former, and the latter frequently suffers from near misses. Whats less realistic is completing repairs in a few seconds. The game doesn’t get close to what it would normally take for secondary and emergency steering to come in to play in real life.

One reason it’s happening more often now is likely due to the recent fragmentation changes that have resulted in more frequent low level damage rather than the all or nothing hits often seen pre-patch.


Nope, nothing have changed, with no bridge you dont have control over the ship. Simple as


Ships have below deck steering as well. You do know that don’t you?

As for “nothing have changed” yes it has. I must have played 5,000 arcade naval missions over the years. This is new. Your belief is incorrect.

Thank you for the info about recent fragmentation changes. Because something has changed big time.

I think this is a poor change because ships can steer from the aft steering station when the bridge is damaged. With this change it seems you wound the helmsman it’s a fatal or near fatal consequence for that ship. Instead of what would happen is the orders go to aft steering.

Anyway, if it is only me that is bothered I can accept that. I won’t play much longer it annoys me too much, but I can accept that. It’s fair if nobody else minds.



The only annoying thing about it is that when my bridge is taken out, the ship starts jerking.

I think it is because the ship is still trying to move the rudder to the last known position but then it gets yanked back to where it was when the bridge was taken out.

Makes it very hard to aim.