Sick of constantly being put up against aircraft 2+ BR above me

What is the deal with this? My highest plane is a 10.3 with the average br being 9.0 and EVERY match i go up against tornado’s mig 23, 27, 29 and f-14’s.

Put it into another perspective my HIGHEST tier is a tier 6, fighting top ranks of teir 8. 2 FULL tiers ahead of me.

What is the deal? It’s hard enough playing as gaijins most hated branch the UK, but this is ridiculous.

I would rather wait a minute or two between games to find more appropriate match ups than this crap.

What gamemode are you playing and what vehicle

These are 11.3 so you will encounter them.

29s and F-14s though, that is strange, you shouldnt encounter them.

Though I do agree 1BR MM range sucks, should be smaller

By UK and 10.3 I assume Jaguar Gr1A

I don’t know what they’re meaning because they can’t fight anything except Tornado, MiG-23/27, so where the Fulcrum and Tomcat come from I have no clue. They also mentioned their highest tier is VI, which the Jag 1A is tier VII

Yeah, that’s my thinking

I also don’t know what they mean by “average” either, unless they’re meaning arcade, in which case you still won’t be able to see rank VIII

Do you play in squad?

Oh yeah if you are in a squad you definitely can, but that is a choice on your behalf, if you don’t want to play rank VIII with a rank VI don’t join someones squad, I thought that was obvious and that I wouldn’t have to say it.

Because you should only be seeing 12.7 if you have at least 11.7 and 12.0 if you have 11.0 hence if this rule breaks then there is an issue otherwise nah

I am so confused at what the bloody hell you just said, 12.7 isn’t in the game yet.

He means that its a max of +/- 1 BR in a game. So 11s can only see 10-12s. 10s should only see 9-11s. Etc. and that something like an 11.7 could see 10.7 or eventually up to a 12.7. Under normal circumstances, a 10.3 should never see anything higher than 11.3.

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And I know that bit, I’m just confused at what the purpose of the comment was?


In AB you can see planes up to 1.3 higher than you if you are bottom tier.

I won’t try to explain how - rather you’re better of studying the wiki article:

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it was an explanation. also a method for you to test whether or not your Match maker is working correctly or not.

You still cannot go from 10.3 - 11.7/12.0 it isn’t possible, and has never happened to me

which is exactly why i was so suprised when the author of this post said that he did.

I think he’s tripping ahaha, either that or they’re playing something like EC where sometimes you can find funny BRs

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