Show Kill Count on Screen

Is there a way to configure my WT screen to display not just my ammunition / equipment count, but also, my kill / critical damage of enemy count? Instead of toggling with the TAB key, I will like to see the previously mentioned values on my screen as the game progresses. This would allow my view to not be obstructed by the TAB values.

No, and… why did an old Kenny Rodgers song pop into my head?

Cowards of the county is a jam

I was thinking of “The Gambler” actually.

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eh, worth a shot

You never count your K/D when you’re sittin’ at the D point, there’ll be time enough for countin’ when the matching done.

…aaand now it’s in my head too.

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why do you want that?
This information is inside a game borderline useless, unlike ammunition count, speed etc.
The only significant thing would be the spawnpoints in rb. Other than that it is useless information cluttering the screen.
And I am a person that has engine temps etc constantly shown


Interesting suggestion for SP 👍