Should war thunder make more realistic tank destruction models?

Should war thunder add realistic destruction models to tanks like pieces flying off in real life? I mean it would take a lot of effort but it would make ground a bit more interesting


They should add a bit more sparks and better ERA damage model.

They already improved it back in 2022
[Development] New visual effects in the Drone Age update - News - War Thunder

You want it even more detailed? I would think running higher graphics settings might help.

Can anyone running a high end setup tell us? Or anyone with knowledge on the subject?

Destruction looks plenty reasonable to me. I see plenty of pieces flying in the air in my games, even turrets.

I don’t think everyone’s device can handle such a large number of models

CPU cycles are limited even with the best on the market.
Even if you increase the minimum CPU to say a Ryzen 1600, that is still not enough cycles for your suggestion.

They have come a long way since ground forces release. The effects are pretty good rn.

I will say that the “total ammo rack explosion” should be removed for tanks with smaller ammunition. Kind of odd when i ammo rack a tank’s 20mm ammo and they create such a large explosion and leave only a crater