Should this lineup be cancelled?

In SB mode, there already exists a queue from the 1950s. Can drive IS3 and mouse, or T54 and M48.

The lineup in the picture is from the 1960s,mainly based on 8.0, and its experience was very poor. Everyone was in great pain driving these early MBTs, with slow tank speeds, fragile armor, poor shells, and long loading times, and it doesn’t have the rich playability of WW2 vehicles. most of the time, it brings people a bad experience

Moreover, there are very few vehicles available for selection in each country, and we can almost only see the T54/55 family versus the M48/60 family, none of them have laser rangefinders.

Why not take it apart and put some in the 1950s queue and another part in the 1970s queue?omit this 1960s lineup

And from the perspective of the number of players queuing up, people prefer high-level matches between 9.7 and 11.7, Some unnecessary lineups can be removed from SB’s loop mechanism.

I would like to see everyone’s ideas, welcome to exchange

I wouldnt say no to more higher tier matches. I did my first proper GSB match last week in the Chally 1s and the first chally 2 and had a blast, and have been waiting for that rotation again. Im not overly interested in the lower tiers nor do I think id want to try and tackle them in GSB

I would like to start off with this; vehicle year doesn’t matter to the matchmaking system. BR is the determining factor for games, including Sim. With that out of the way, 8.3 has quite a few vehicles that get played quite a bit. I don’t see why you would actually want any part of Sim to be removed and reshuffled like that because all of those vehicles being shifted into different br brackets would have lasting effects on all the vehicles involved.

yes, I also enjoy playing with lineups from 10.7 and 11.7

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but the lineup in the picture is very monotonous, isn’t it? Each country can only choose very few vehicles, and most of the experiences are very poor

I know 8.3 is a pain, I’m there with multiple nations, but Sim players need to be able to play the full tree to progress. If you got rid of that BR in Sim, then players would have to play other game modes to get past it.

Solution to this is just bring back the experiment they did where you could rock up with whatever you had on hand. Obviously needs tweaking, but still better than the current options.

Yeah, or just ASB style brackets

That is OK, The have make a mess in the higher BR lineup, I can’t imagine when NATO using AGS and CV90105, the USSR/CN can’t even use T72 or ZTZ96

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Yes, and the crazy A6E