Should they Add the t90 m to the Russian tech tree?

I feel as if the T90 m should be added to the Russian tech tree

It certainly could be added, if the technical documents and specs were made available to the devs.

The problem is not whether or not it can be put in the game, it’s whether or not putting it in-game would be a smart idea. A lot of NATO/Western-aligned countries in-game do not have much of a tank roster at top tier and I would like to see those gaps filled before we add another tank to Russia’s long lineup of 10.7-11.7 tanks. Seeing how Gaijin has struggled to balance the T-80BVM also makes me feel as though the T-90M would be another major headache.

That and its “contemporaries” such as the M1A2 SEP and Leopard 2A6 are already in the game and yet would perform worse somehow, despite being contemporary. I am fairly confident that realistically a NATO 120mm should be able to penetrate any Russian tank without much issue at the close ranges that are typically in gameplay, just as much as the reverse should be true.

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Two words,

Global Politics.

Current real world hardware isn’t a good idea in any nation currently.

Seems Gaijin didn’t care about that when they added the Pantsir or BMP-2M

Why? So Gaijin can put in another Bias-coded, bogus Ivan vehicle to further inflate Russia’s undeserving W/R in the game?

Nah, to hell with that.

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