Should they add the sealightning FAW.1

so we all know Gaijin has a fare share of concepts, why cant they add the sealightning? its a concept with genuine good aircraft concept that never happened because of the government thinking we only need ground to air missiles. an image of the top of it.
the wing swoop would be very versatile against over planes at its BR around 9.8 and the speed also is good for a plane of its era, another thing is its air to ground missiles on it wings which i believe are the bullpups but i dont know as you cant find out enough about it as so little is known and most is classified so we have to go off what we know. the engines are the same as the f53 and f6 in warthunder the Rolls-Royce Avon 301R. also so are the air to air missiles the firestreak and red tops. also, it can carry bombs just like the f53 premium that got taken off. lastly, it can be taken off of carriers on that one map that you can spawn on one. and it can take off of one in practice mode. it should go in the plane below the f6 when you click on it so you can research it.
P1260019 model of it.