Should the Yak-141 be able to carry R-73s as well as 4x R-77 missiles whenever the next patch rolls around?

In the next upcoming update I believe that the Yak-141 well deserves to be able to carry R-77 missiles, as well as R-73 missiles (given that it goes up in BR to match other Fox-3 capable aircraft.) The Yak-141 is an absolutely amazing aircraft with an amazing radar and FM, but since it doesn’t (at current) have the R-73 TVC missile it is unable to live up to its full dogfight potential. Given that the only other Russian aircraft that can carry the R-77 is the MiG-29SMT (which has a terrible flight model,) I believe that one above average dogfighter should have such Fox-3 capabilities. It would perform extremely well at such BRs and raising of its BR would prevent the current F-4 sealclubbing that it performs often.

I am NOT saying that it performs poorly BY ANY MEANS at its current BR, but I believe it would be extremely fun (and somewhat profitable for gaijin as a lot of people have not ground out the naval line for RU) at a higher BR with the new toys coming in the next update.


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If it gets R-77s, than the F-20 better get 120s.


The F-20

  1. Is a premium
  2. Was never tested the AIM-120 while the R-77 was tested on the Yak-141

No. It should stay 12.0 and Mig-29K be added instead.


MiG-29K would go to India/GB. Russia would get the MiG-29KR, which would still be a worse dogfighter than the Yak-141.

Absolutely not, as it was never even outfitted with a gun, why should it get fictional missiles too.


It should get R-77 and R-73

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Very much yes.

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To be honest. It really really shouldnt. We dont want or need it. Especially as we’ll have other better options for 12+ once ARH gets added. And if we need CW additions to help us still. Then might as well stick with a few things from SA Instead, like the Cheetah. Really no point adding India for the sake of CW.

As for the original post. There are a LOT of aircraft that could and maybe should get AAM upgrades. But those upgrades often go hand in hand with BR increases which might be worse for the aircraft in the long run.

Right now, a Yak-141 with R-73s at 12.3/12.7 might be fine. But in the next major (we think), with AMRAAM slingers at or near that BR. It might struggle, Would be 12.7+ with R-77s. So it’s whether it would cope vs those aircraft and those to come (hopefully not long till Typhon at 13.0/13.3 ish)

I’d love Aim-9M on the Tornado Gr1/Tornado F3 but that would mean a BR increase in all likelyhood and they would be neutered greatly. Im kinda hating the Aim-9Ms being added to the Gr7, would have been better with a BR reduction instead and its been rendered nearly unplayable as a result in Sim.

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It’s not Indian. Mig-29K is used actively by the Russian air force.
And no, it’d be a better dogfighter.

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No, it should not be 12.7/13.0
It’s better without them.

I don’t really care, it would be a absolute meme with them.

Its kinda where loadout based BRs would be really good.

Want Yak-141 at 12.0 Dont use R-73s/R-77s.

Want Yak-141 with R-73s and/or R-77s. Well it will now be 12.7+

Then you can’t swap loadouts in match anymore, which would mean zero death leavers.

You already cannot create new custom loadouts in matches.

It would require some system or opt-in for the advanced weapons.

An option somewhere, perhaps on the custom loadout screen to chose to enable/disable those weapons. Enabled, then you can equip R-73s, disabled you cannot and the BR to be set accordingly. You decide what you want to play in the hanger, before you hit play and thus you would get no zero death leavers, because they would chose before they hit play.

That’s not what I or you said.
It’s not needed, it really isn’t. No aircraft would benefit, and it’d cause min-maxing and other toxic tactics seen in games like Tarkov.

This should mean nothing for the armament a plane is capable of receiving.

Many other systems and weapons on the Yak-141 were also never tested, shouldn’t change anything for the F-20 either unless we just think certain vehicles deserve certain standards…

it’s a way of giving people a choice for some aircraft.

Jaguar Gr1A + Aim-9Gs = 10.3
Jaguar Gr1A + Aim-9Ls (historically accurate loadout from the gulf war) = 11.0

Balanced at both BRs but you are not forced to play that uptier if you dont want to. Many, many strike aircraft could benefit from such system in ARB and it could be a way to fill a void in a tree without creating a new one. 1 aircraft, 2 BRs, changing based upon loadout, without additional grinding.

Would also be perticuarly good for stock grinds. No more having to play an aircraft at its intended BR when fully spaded, without the weapons and equipment its at that BR for.

Would be a major QoL improvement. Grinding the Jaguar Gr1 relatively recently sucked with only guns to grind to the first set of bombs.

Honestly i am fine with it receiving either or but R-73 would definitely be the more preferable out of the two. It should have honestly received them back when the 29SMT was added with them and moved to 12.3.

if it was to receive R-77 i don’t particularly think it would suffer all that much at 12.7, wouldn’t be top dog by any means but it wouldn’t be horrible either.

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Such a change would radically increase the BR of the F-20, maybe to top tier, something they wont do (add top tier premiums). Additionally, someone may have bought it specifically to play at 12.0 and now its 12.7/13.0 a BR perhaps they wouldnt have purchased it. Especially in the future when new aircraft are added, its gone from fighting 11.0s-13.0s to 12.0 - 14.0s. Which could leave it completely outclassed