Should the Type 10 have spall liners?

Just curious, since most modern tank documents are classified, why not provide spall liners to everyone?


Because it’s not good for Russian bias


From balance side why not,but we know Gj loves double standards.


There is a document that stated that the type 74 had spall liners that we’re embedded into the armor itself so it’s probable that the type 10 does have them too since there is stuff such as the Komatsu lav that have them

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Do you have this document? Very interesting to read

i need to search between the 800 japanese documents i have lol here is a japanese thing stating about the type 74 spall liner and japanese wiki is very reliable in my own experience ill keep searching the archive 74式戦車 - Wikipedia

I know that Japanese wiki is very reliable and accurate source, there was mention about spall liner but if I don’t mistake, there wasn’t any source about it.

I need to search between the 800 japanese documents i have lol

Cool! idk Why I really want to look at all of them lol!

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no im just searching trough them its really quite a lot

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every single modern tank has spall liners.

Not a fact.




it would be nice to see the type 10 to have full coverage with spall, since type 10 doesn’t have an abundance of armor anyways, and the crew is tightly packed.

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There is mostly none.
But forget about spall liner what if Gj add flak vest to crew and all those which dont have spall liners.

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well, i dont think body armor can stop those high speed run pen into tank

Of course it will not stop a dart,but small fragmets which are created after penetration.
Similar thing which is on helis