Should the T-55AMD-1 and T-55AM-1 remain at 8.7

What justifies these tank’s placement after the recent decompression?

Compression is brutal to anything that gets pushed to 9.0 due to the uptick in power at 10.0. the AM and AMD are nice tanks and largely I think they’d do OK at anything 9.7 and down, but they have no thermals, relatively weak turret armor, and their APFSDS round is an ancient relic compared to the ammo used at 10.0.

I think it probably should be 9.0 along with a lot of other tanks, but then they would be worthless in uptiers because the space between 8.7 and 10.3 is so poorly balanced after the last patch.

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Tanks are worthless in uptiers.

Both tanks have armor against HEAT-FS one is immune to recoiless rifles and ATGMs.

These tanks suffering what currently tanks uptiered against them suffer minus the disparity in firepower.

Their main rounds are barely any better than 105mm DM13 APDS, other 8.7s like the TAM, RISE P and Chieftains can slice through them no issue and lower tiered vehicles don’t have much of a problem if you aim for the turret instead of the upper glacis

they’re okay at 8.7

Two of the vehicles you mentioned have worse mobility

All three have worse armor

“barely any better” yet still is and is APFSDS giving it different mechanical properties

For the AM, this is only true if you don’t hit the two addon blocks around the turret face. Those resist everything up to APFSDS. The only true weakspots on the front are the LFP and breach area, which are fairly small targets. Any other shot with anything less than darts are just going to be eaten. Consider the number of non-stabilized tanks that have to make those shots when they see this thing.

It’s a tank that needs decompression. Fighting it in something like an M60 is just painful (And that’s not even a full uptier). And there’s just no justification for it and the Chieftain Mk3 being at the same BR. But that doesn’t mean it should be fighting XM-1s every game.

As for the AMD, the turret armor makes it less effective against enemy MBTs, but there are a lot of vehicles at that tier that only have ATGMs. A single AMD that knows where you are can completely shutdown any ATGM vehicle in the game. Not like “It has a LRF and can hit you if you poke to shoot him”, I mean complete invulnerability to your one and only offensive weapon. That’s an advantage that’s hard to quantify, since it entirely depends on what vehicles you’re up against. Depending on the matchmaker, it can either be an advantage or waste of the turret armor. I think it’s fair to peg it as a sidegrade and move on.

The T-55AM-1 and the AMD version have this extra armor plate at the ufp, which seems to reliably stop HEATFS, APDS from Conquerer, and AP from M103, while other T-55 without that extra plate will get center-massed like the T-62 (not the T-62M1 which seems to have similar extra protection), those 7.7 will have to kill the T-55AM like how the 6.7 kill the IS-6 with AP rounds lol, credit card size mantlet.

Immune against ATGM. I could not stop laughing because both don’t have ERA armor or APS on it. I doubt it will survive high end ATGM.

You obviously never played either of them, because Leo 1’s HEATFS can pen you from the front. The addon armor on the UFP does nothing 50% of the time since it doesn’t cover it entirely.

The whole BR bracket is too compressed, they’ll suffer hugely at 9.0, they’re objectively worse than the Type 88’s that just went to 9.0 also. However they’re certainly the best Soviet 8.7 MBT’s.

Chieftain turret is generally stronger and has depression to make use of hull down (however rare that is), RISE P is more immune to HEAT than the AM is and the TAM is arguably undertiered


so aim for the turret as I stated
and the composites “bonus” on the turret is laughable, the area is provides extra protection to is negligible, it’s where you don’t want to be aiming in the first place even against regular T-55s. It improves the profile from the side but there’s likely much better shots to take in that case.

It’s the bulk of the turret face

Don’t forget the god awful APFSDS. But it seems it has at least some post pen now.

The T-55AM-1’s composite armor makes it immune to frontal attacks from 7.7 tanks ignoring the British who have APDS early.

The tank is too strong in down tiers and would not suffer nearly as heavily as the vehicles it faces in a down tier than it would in a full uptier at 9.0.

I actually don’t know how to play with the T-55’s APFSDS, I can’t kill anything with it, got an embarrassing KD of 8 kills and 25 deaths on my T-55A at the beginning, so I decided to only bring APHE and now my KD has improved to 70 kills and 50 deaths.

The composite turret face plate can stop most rounds even early APFSDS, but I’ve played enough german 6.7 when the T-54 was at 7.3 and learned to shoot the credit card size turret cheek with my King Tiger, you can reliably kill all the T-54 and T-55 variants aiming the same part, and been using the M103 and Conquerer a lot lately, which has no problem center-mass all the T-54 and early unmodded T-55, the T-55AM and T-55AMD ufp completely stops the AP and APDS rounds from the M103 and Conquerer, and they are also very resistant against HEATFS too, the plate is a little underrated judging by how nobody talks about the armor plate on ufp the T-55AM-1 which makes it better armored than the T-10M which is a heavy tank.

The AM-1 should. Bad reload times, mediocre round, bad gun handling, and sluggish. Armor won’t stop anything on the AM-1 and the APS is situational. Its definitely workable at 8.7 but not outstanding. Its the definition of a mid tank imo.

The fact that they’re objectively worse than other 9.0 MBTs ?

They’re better than the other 8.7 MBTs what’s your point?

Out of sheer curiosity, what makes the ZTZ88A and ZTZ88B better than those tanks that warranted a raise for them to 9.0 in GRB. They also have the applique armor, gun is similar, loading and handling probably similar too.

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They have 3 more hp/t

That’s it

That’s the justification people use

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