Should the spawn point in War Thunder have more ammo supply points?

In War Thunder we all know that ammo can be replenished at points that we occupy, but I would like to add an ammo refill point to both spawn points in the game
Here’s why:

  1. The spawn point is equivalent to the rear of the battlefield, and there should be enough ammunition to replenish us, but the spawn point in the game cannot be replenished with ammunition, which is equivalent to the lack of sufficient ammunition supply in the rear of the battlefield, and the point that the player is fighting for [Battlefield Front] has sufficient ammunition, which is incredible.
  2. It is not good for air defense car players: As we all know, the most expensive ammunition in the game is the air defense unit, because they want to hit the aircraft flying in the sky, sometimes the air defense unit with poor technology often consumes ammunition because it misses, and the fighter that will dodge is difficult to hit, and the master of the air defense unit is not necessarily 100% hit, so it can only rely on sufficient firepower, which consumes ammunition, so it needs to be replenished with ammunition, but the spawn point cannot supply ammunition, so the air defense unit needs to go to the point occupied by friendly troops to replenish, But the point in the big map is a bit far away, maybe the plane will destroy you on the way to it, and you don’t have ammo so you can’t fight back, and sometimes the battle is not so smooth, maybe there is no point occupied by friendly forces, which is very bad, because this means that no one can replenish the ammo, the worst is the air defense unit, because they can’t defend themselves without ammunition, they can’t hit the aircraft, which is not conducive to the whole situation, without the constraints of the air defense unit, the plane will bombard indiscriminately
    If you are afraid that the enemy will have endless ammunition to defend the spawn point, you can set up an ammo replenishment point in a small area of the spawn point, and it can be blown up by enemy aircraft or blown up by large-caliber self-propelled guns in the game and get the corresponding benefits
    I hope to get more people in the forum to add to or improve this suggestion, thanks.

Gaijin’s middle solution to this argument is the upcoming ability for SPAA to replenish themselves without being on the capture point.

I believe that SPAA have the most limited ammo counts in game and NEED a rear resupply point. The other side of thisnis that most other vehicles don’t NEED resupply points in the rear, people need to take more ammo on them. I understand your survivability will suffer, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tank with a full ammo load run out of ammunition without having a chance to make it to a cap. This doesn’t happen for SPAA that can expend their ammo fighting aircraft extremely quickly and simply cannot carry more. A great example is the M247, it has 250 proxy rounds at 9.0 and that is all. Then it relies on impact only shells to do its job, which is difficult facing afterburning jets and missile helicopters. It CANNOT carry more than 500 rounds and even less of theneffective variety, unlike most tanks that can carry 30+ main caliber shells or 4-6 belts of APSD/APFSDS. Missile carriers suffer the same fate most of the time, with the XM-975 only carrying 10 missiles while having basically no self defense capability and being a massive vehicle, but still being expected to defend the skies for long periods of time.

Are you actually serious because that’s so dumb and unrealistic that, that is literally arcade mechanics.

There should be a resupply point made behind the actual spawn, where everyone can rearm. That’d be the better option rather than just rearming anywhere and everywhere on one role because so many people just spam fire because they are actually unable to aim, and panic fire constantly.

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I was under the understanding that they were going to have rear supply points for the SPAA only. I don’t think it is like Arcade’s auto replenishment. Unless I completely misunderstood it.

I hope so, a rear resupply point could lead to more good things overall, and would definitely be a step forward.

I think it could be placed in an area of the spawn point using the ammo supply point in the training ground as a template

So this means ADATs is fucked.

I agree, yes please.

There are more and more battles where I run into ammunition shortages even with light tanks because I have worked on my survivability and shoot a lot accordingly.
However, more ammunition from the start would represent an increased risk. But now there are battles where you only have one cap and have to cross the whole map to reload.
Perhaps it would be possible for allies to “help over” two or three shells, as in the case of a repair?
On the subject of ammunition in the spawn … well … you will rarely find good SPAA players in the spawn area.

My Type 93 and Type 81C look forward to a resupply point close to spawn, as the Devs are working on implementing it.

I’ve always wondered why that was never a feature & surprisingly such mechanics exist in enlisted which the game that uses WT models for machinery, So I wouldn’t be against such a feature plus it would be a boon to tanks with limited ammunition like stopgap TD’s in a few nations & ntm it’s not like it isn’t an issue as aircraft already have airfields to rearm at & or aviation ships depending on the maps.

Agreed. A spawn resupply/replenish made a lot more sense to me than a cap resupply for a decade now. They can simply add it to the cap point resupply/replenish and it’s fine by me. Sounds pretty harmless to me and greater gameplay comfort.