SHould the playerbase help gaijin with crew sounds?

Lets hope gaijin sees this poll and thinks abt it

  • Playerbase should help with crew sounds and get paid with GE
  • Gaijin should pay actors that cost a lot more

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Crew voices are already done bro

I can help with Turkish Crew voices (M-60AMBT and T-129 Heli) just give me 1 event vehicle of my choosing and I’ll work days for it until it is how they want it. (Object 279)

the thing is that they are badly made, or some arent even made, like the spanish VRCC, still it would be easier to pay the playerbase with GE that they just could code and save money instead of paying actors with money that request a lot of money.

Why should we help them with this?

I’m Italian and the voices of the Italian crew are really bad, if I point to any point and do telemetry, it says (-Tank Hunter at 200 m) but in reality there is nothing there

idk, free GE

They severely downgraded the intensity of the German crew voice lines

Yes, Gaijin doesn’t notice that some of the language’s voices are really Pu**y XD.