Should the F20 get aim120s

In real life the F20 could switch the 4 underwing aim9s with four amraams. Should this be added ingame or should the F20 only get the aim9s and sparrows?


WE don’t need ARH missiles on a prem at this point


The F-20 project was cancelled 1986, the first serially produced AMRAAMs joined the USAF 1991…

Yes, the Tigershark would have gotten the 120 eventually if the project was continued. but this was just not the case.


If the Tigershark were to get AIM 120 it would never be allowed to stay at 12.0
I think that the F 20 is doing fine without them.


TT/Event F-20 (Late) with AMRAAMs, lul

mark my words, it’ll happen someday


yes don’t see why not

V Dat maybe?

They could come, but I don’t think they should. Otherwise the fm wont be able to carry the plane into the br it’ll inevitably be put at. 45 cm’s is gonna make it near unplayable when everyone else has 200+.

Stick it at 13.0 and sure. But they don’t add too tier premiums so would have to be removed for 6 months till.we get 13.3 s

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Maybe we can get a later variant of the F20 for TT with amraams


This is a non issue, the yak 141 much less off a real plane than the f20 tigershark yet it had all its “what if” armaments, the f20 CAN as a matter of fact carry aim120s


See F-5C getting flares, Yak-141 getting much of its equipment, Kronshtadt existing, F-16AJ, etc



Yak-141 doesn’t have R-77s, so no it doesn’t have them as your post claims.

I don’t believe AIM-120 are mentioned in the F-20s manual, so it will likely not receive them.

Ridiculous statement, beginners can’t understand it at 12.0, it will only damage the environment of the top US Air Force, and will aim120 continue to be raised to 13.0 to damage the environment?

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yeah thats the negative, all the level 5s with spamraams

Unless gaijin is keen on downtiering this piece of garbage, it should get 120s, even then its outclassed by everything else by a huge margin.

And yes, the F-20 had mockup 120s attached to the aircraft on numerous occasions, this is enough for the 141 to get it’s missiles and the F-16AJ to get AIM-7s, there is no reason the F-20 cant be held to the same standard.

and they shouldn’t get treated differently bc of that. Don’t implement a plane, if it didn’t even test the munitions it has gotten in this game.

the only reason is to keep up the last bit of “historical accuracy” and the “realistic” in their marketing, that is left