Should tanks 8.0br and higher get bigger maps and more cap points?

personally i think the maps are too nice not to explore more cap points would allow more engagement over the new big maps

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They should be much larger. The issue is every other player complains about sniping or not being able to make it to the point. So we get these brawling maps even for tanks not meant to brawl and suffer.


yeah for higher BRs its become COD but with tanks i ended up in the enemy spawn by accident several times today within 2 mins and been sniped by non campers while in spawn

I honestly think that the maps need to be bigger in all 3 game modes. Naval is a knife fight for larger ships, Air is a knife fight for Supersonic Jets, and ground is a knife fight for tanks with thermals and advanced weaponry.


and above all else the maps are just too beautiful to be cramped in one spot id do custom battles but you get no RP for it

It’s really dumb to blame the playerbase for gaijin’s decisions.

feels like an appetizer for the modern stuff lower brs are fine most are too slow and youd need to get close to pen tanks same with planes at lower brs

I would love larger maps. CR2 just doesnt feel right on the tiny maps.

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Need the option/ability to choose to play large maps only.

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oh yes, more simulator maps on ground games, real fun when top tier is allready infested 1 death leavers, so let’s place more horrible sized maps… But no,those 1 flag 1km maps should also be removed everything over BR6. Those are horrible also, unless you play A7 or 122+ etc impenetrable turret and camping spawn on hulldown…

The idea of large maps is good but the game needs a few improvements to facilitate them

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need big map+1

I just said this in another thread, but being able to spawn in these points would be a nice solution to the people who complain about the game becoming a driving sim on big maps or being sniped on their way to the point.

It’s honestly quite valid seeing as I just had a game in large Maginot Line and once the enemy capped B and C the game was pretty much over since it becomes impossible to make a comeback. Had there been more points closer to the middle of the map, the game would have lasted more, and we wouldn’t have been pushed back so easily.

Maps just need to be WIDER and not LONGER, long maps suck because it’s annoying to get anywhere, slow tanks are screwed, way too easy to flank the routes, way too big of an advantage for fast vehicles.

Wide maps can have multiple spawns reducing spawn camping, shorter distance to the center so slower tanks are still valid, way more variety in routes and approaches preventing lockdowns.

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If maps were to get bigger, we would definitely need more spawnable caps or at least give squads the ability to set rally points to spawn closer to the action.


Something like pic related where there are points closer to the middle of the map, essentially acting as “frontlines” so if the enemy were to cap A, B or C it would give teams a fighting chance to get back on the action quickly and make a counter attack possible instead of being denied getting out of the spawn and dying on your way to a point which what often happens in these large maps.

Ooh, I don’t think anybody has said this yet

“attack the D point”

There we go. 😂