Should something finally be done with Hit Cam in Realistic?

  • Make it display only the killing shot.
  • Disable it completely.
  • Leave it as it is.

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Yes, I hate getting killed through smoke/trees/ecc… by people using the cheat-cam, how can you tell?

Id rather leave it as is.

Before they added it, there was MASSIVE amounts of confusion about how the damage models worked and how the game was calculating whether you killed something. It was causing a massive amount of frustration, which is why they added it in the first place.

Removing it would cause that confusion and frustration again, its an extremely useful tool for showing players how the incredibly complicated game mechanics around penetration and the damage models work.

Now, removing the kill cam that shows you where the enemy that killed you was sitting however, is something Id support. (It’d severely limit the cases of revenge bombing too)