Should Russia receive the R-77 if NATO nations get the AMRAAM?

Doesn’t the r27er go faster, has same g limit, and has more explosive mass?

It does go faster then early AMRAAMS

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Which is what’s gonna be added when fox 3 comes so Russia doesn’t need the r77

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No all nations will get their fox 3 R77 is quite comparable to AMRAAMS
The reason wht R77 is for some reason not fast as R27 is look at the hit rate for R27 and you will understand why they made the R77

They should come at the same time along with other nation equivalents

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R-27ER is not an active radar homing missile.
It’s inferior.
The ONLY reason R-27ERs exist is because Russia was using jets that couldn’t fire R-77s in the 1990s and early 2000s.
USA was only using one fighter that couldn’t fire AMRAAMs: F-14.

Ah, so you think AMRAAMs aren’t needed either. That or you 100% believe Russian propaganda that R-77 is the best AARH in the world which is a bad take.
R-77 is AIM-120B equivalent.

Lol, the 4.5M, 80km range, 40G+ R77 is the equivalent to the 4.0M, 70km range, 28-35G AIM-120B, sure…

No, he gave you a shoddy explananation. The missile has two phases after launch. Phase 1 is guidance, which mainly uses DL, INS and occasionally you radar lock for extra guidance. The 2nd phase is pitbull, during which the missile activates its ARH seeker. Hope this helps

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Listen, you can guide it if you want to. One thing DCS taught me abut Fox 3s is fire and forget about it.

Buddy, where did you get 40Gs from

lol lmao even…
R-77 isn’t 40G.

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Watch as they find some obscure source that gives it 40G
Meanwhile “they require primary source explicitly stating exact overload for AMRAAM” in order to fix he 25G pull


Russian missiles have never over-performed in War Thunder.
They’ve either been at-level or underperforming.
The underperforming is almost always the identical reason AIM-9J underperformed for a number of years: Lack of info.

BTW R-60Ms underperform, as do AIM-9Ls.
But here we are; oh and it’s not exclusive to War Thunder. DCS has simulation inaccuracies in a number of areas.
Simulators aren’t perfect.

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Going off of sources mentioned here talking about the R-77 being able to hit targets that are doing 12G maneuvers, in addition to discussions of the drag profile of the R-77 compared to the AIM-120A/B and the AIM-7’s and the fact that the R-77 uses grid fins.

No I’m on your side, I’m saying that the US should at the very least get the AIM-120C-5. If it gets anything earlier than that the R-27ER will just win against the missile anyways.


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C5? The equivalent of that is R77M or maybe lets just add R37, that one might be a bit more balanced

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The very fact that you dont need to guide the missile until the target puts ANY AMRAAM above ANY Fox 1 missile. Main problem here is skill issue and butthurt, not the missiles

Buddy, skill issue does not account for bad modelling of the sparrow-m nor does it account for the batshit OP’ness of the R-27ER. Learn to use words before you start rambling about words not even in the dictionary.

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Learn the difference between a Fox 1 and Fox 3 before making dumb threads

R-77-1 is the AIM-120C equivalent.
Your posts claim that Russia made better missiles when they didn’t.

R-27ER isn’t OP and has never been OP.

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