Should i pay full price for the m26e1 or wait until there's a discount in the future

I ask because from what I’ve researched I can’t find any discussions about it being on sale at a discounted price in recent years. It seems like it’s rarely added back to the store nowadays so it makes me wonder if I should get it now or if anyone knows if it’ll go on sale at some point or another throughout the year if I should wait then.
This is my first post I hope I posted this in the proper discussion group if not I apologize.

It’s not a permanent GE vehicle, so it’s a big no no that you’re buying it during sales. In this case if you want it, you should buy it full price.

do you know if during its anniversary it can be on sale discounted or during the anniversary its simply just available to purchase again for its original price?

Only available at full price.

Jesus, it’s a limited vehicle, it will be available only in a few days, how are you supposed to buy it in a sale?

There will be no sale on this.

That wasn’t what I was asking. Removed vehicles are reintroduced in later anniversaries or holidays I was asking if during one of those events in the PAST has there been a sale on the vehicle why would I ask if a vehicle is on a discounted sale currently when I can obviously see it is not. But thanks for the tip.

Yes it is worth it.

No it will not be on sale later during an anniversary.

I doubt it’ll come back any time soon so if you want it, buy it now


Perfect thank you in that case I’ll grab it while I get the chance thank you for your advice I appreciate it.


If you want a vehicle to grind the tech tree with, this is not it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good vehicle, but it is very expensive as well. During GE premium sales, you can buy a higher BR, higher rank GE premium for much cheaper.

Also, the M26E1 will not be in discount for the foreseable future. It is only available right now because of the 4th of July event, and it will be removed from sales very soon. It is purely a limited time premium tank, basically the epitome of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

If, however, you really just like playing this BR, and you have the money to spare, it is once again a good vehicle.


I wouldn’t buy anything if I had my time again.You may hate this game in a few months time or judging by the constant nerfing and map changes you might hate it in a couple of weeks.Save your money.

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I want it for the sake of having it but I don’t plan on spending 7.5k GE :3

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I have about 400 GJN worth of vehicle coupons sitting, rotting in my inventory.

That’s after I bought the M26E1.


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