Should i get the su27? Or mig29SMT

so guys i have the su 25k to grind but no premuim, plus i dindt grinded the SU series because its dead until the su 27 came now i think should i grind for the MIG29SMT because im 3 planes away from it the su series is quite dead please help and also does the su27 and mig29smt carry the same amout of missles and what downsides and up sides, grinding the su series going take hell long

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Su27 same br more of the best radar missiles
Also su27 i believe perfoms better

but takes way too long

If its too long get the smt
It is worse

dude im going rip my ass i dont know what to do

Su27 is much better but a longer grind
Do as you wish but the Su27 is better
At least 4 of the best radar missiles in game

yes but i havent got any radar jets a nice radar jet and im going absolutely insane, but will there be new series in the Mig series?

Depends where they put the naval ones

i have searched and i think the su series is growing more than mig series since the su57 was irl introduced only the mig35 is new its a copy of the mig29 but advanced not sure what to grind

There will probably be mor su27 and 30 the mig29 and 31
Also they might put the mig29k after the yak41 due to being naval
Its hard to see what one they will add next
But the su27 line will eventually lead to the end of russian air to the su57 when it comes

tell me about the radar missles how many it can carry because i like radar missles there are satisfying wich carry more or is equal the su 27 caries more IR missles right?
if there isnt much difference in the radar missles then il grind the mig series

Mig29smt and su27 carry the same weapons
But the su27 is bigger so it carries more radar and ir missiles
Also better performance i believe
The radar missiles are the best in the game you will beat any Western plane in a head on due to its speed and range

how many radar missles more?

Double i believe ill Double check
Edit 4 radar missiles
Double the smt

Don’t ever get SMT , or any of the Mig-29 variants right now. They are in a pathetic state. Their flight performances are extremely bad. Go straight for SU-27.

that will take me 10 more years and i have no premuim maybe if someone gave me premuim but ofcourse since i have ps4 account i cant get gifts classic gaijn but you are very very very sure to grind the pain su series im level 75

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Yes , very very sure. Mig-29s are not worth it. Do not get the Mig-29s first , you will be very disappointed.

i havent got any good jets to even fly i will go insane grinding the su series

Δ°t’s up to you. Can you share a screenshot of your soviet air tree so we can see where you are in the tree?

hold my vodka going take bit long to load but hold sec