Should i gamb i mean purchase some of the rookie trophy crates

i just want to know if i have a chance on getting either premium time or golden eagles and not them goddham wagers


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too late lost 99 gained 1
got 202 left

It’s a scam bro.

Show us

yeah they are i knew that just felt lucky

show what
and how

What crates are you opening? Some cost more than others. Screen shot perhaps?

Well i surprisingly got my Tis-Ma on 1st christmas Crate for a total of 60k Silver lions ^^"

For once i got lucky,… (but i barely buy more than 2 crates, when they cost SL)

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i got the 99 ge throphy twice get 100ge and the wing breaker wager

YES! Buy mine. :P


It’s literally not a scam, you get exactly what you are told you get.

It is a bad idea, though. Just buy stuff at normal price (or sale price), if you want stuff. Randomly spinning would be silly even if it averaged out the same, simply because you’d not be getting the specific stuff you want… And it doesn’t average out the same, because they’re including in their “value” calculations, the “totally real value” of things like $3 individual boosters, which is nonsense.