Should I activate the coupon for the type 62 or should I sell it?

should I activate the coupon for the type 62 or should I sell it? If it’s worth selling, then what should I buy? the coupon costs about 270 gaijin coins or whatever
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Buy F-4S Mig23ML

If you really want it, use it.

Otherwise id suggest holding onto it untill the Type 62 price recovers and that should net you more when you sell it than the currently lowered selling price.

Keep in mind 1 GJN is equivalent to 1€ if you were to buy GJN coins iirc.

I mainly play tank arcade so I don’t think I need planes

idk if it is good or bad so idk if I need it. thanks for the advice

Sell it. You have a Type 62 in the chinese tech tree and isn’t so hard to reach since you get good and killy vehicles before it like object 211, m18, bunch of t-34s.
Furthermore, the soviet gift one (i suppose that’s the one you’re talking about) has the same BR so no point keeping it whatsoever, unless you’re some ultra collector that wants everysingle vehicle in the game.

What to buy? If I were you, I’d just find a unique tank and buy it. You can also exchange GJN for GE and buy whatever premium tank you like for whatever nation you want.

Its a unique and rare vehicle, but if you dont know if you need it or not, then you dont need it.

For the current or later selling price of the vehicle you can get a lot of goodies… Be it Premium packs, marketplace vehicles, golden eagles and so on.

Because you can use GJN coin to buy anything you could with normal money. You just select “pay with GJN coin” Or whatever its labeled on checkout.

Also do recommend only buying vehicles and packs for GE when they are on sale. Here is a rough sales calender:


Congrats on the SL gambling tho, thats a 1 in a million essentially.

there’s nothing unique about it, it’s copy-paste

Unique for the soviet tree. (Edit: and it spent a long time being unique before china was added)

Point is thats its rare.