Should Gaijin stop Copy-Paste vehicles, for tech trees that has domestic designs?

I’m going to say no
There’s already too many wacky prototypes in the game and too many historically significant, mass-produced, active-service vehicles missing
War Thunder is already too much of a vehicle collector simulator instead of the historical vehicle combat simulator that it was meant to be, and hate towards “copy-paste” vehicles only worsens this issue

You do realize it costs them 10k per model right? another thing is, that there often isn’t a good substitute. It’s like trying to compare rice and bread. Their both Grains but are completely different from one another and all have a different way to prepare.

personally, I find late 1980s - modern day vehicle prototypes to be the things that generally sucks to play against.

WW2 - post WW2 vehicles are generally fun and is a blast to play. And mostly aren’t that painful to play against.

This game is long past the point of trying to be a historical vehicle combat sim, the focus has been on prototypes and experimental stuff or modern tech for a while now. Few people are hyped for exported copies or historical lineups anymore, yes there are some, but a majority of the playerbase wants things that offer new gameplay or features. I will agree that mass produced vehicles should be added first, although I believe that most of the notable ones are already present.

Custom battles are still viable platforms for historically accurate gameplay, but multiplayer is just a pitfight where production and prototype vehicle alike are thrown into often unrealistically close engagements. The simulation part is supposed to lie in the vehicles and mechanics themselves, the battles are not supposed to be historical outside of the maps.

Yes, that is a meaningful thing.
At present, more than 50% of China’s TT is still copy and paste.

I also hope to see the M41A3 on the Chinese tree replaced with the Type 64, and the ROC adds an additional armor version to the M41.
Replace M60TTS with CM12, or simply add a CM11 without ERA

At the same time, add more independently developed and produced vehicles.
Starting from Rank 5, Chinese TT no longer has to worry about the shortage of vehicles.
And even lower levels have some options. For example, the WZ132 and obj211 using 76mm guns. There is also a toy with an M113 chassis and an M24 turret.
There are many similar vehicles like this. Those SPGs can also be placed at lower levels.




What the bloody hell is THAT!?

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Just an M24 Chaffee turret on the loveliest APC ever, the M113.

Head changing surgery, haha
Speaking of which, there is another vehicle that I don’t know its origin and there is no information about it


A AMOS turret on something

With China, I can’t even necessarily solely blame Gaijin for the lack of unique low tier options when half the playerbase seems to also believe there is nothing to be put below rank III. It is as if everyone has forgotten the howitzer amalgamations created by both the PRC and ROC.

Chi-Ha w/ Type 94 75mm, can replace M8 HMC
LVT-4 w/ ZiS-3 76mm, can replace SU-76M

M10 GMC w/ Type 91 105mm, can replace standard M10 GMC

This isn’t even mentioning the lesser known light vehicles that could be implemented such as the aformentioned Wan Cheng 2:

SU-76-based light tank with ZiS-3 gun, unknown if this is a functional vehicle however.
Chinese M3A3 converted into Recce version with M2 Browning, appears to have small superstructure.
Renault ZB, a French light tank exported exclusively to China with an unknown 47mm cannon that could be moderately powerful.

So even though most people believe China is screwed for low tier, I still have hope that some day we will be able to play some of the intriguing designs created and fielded by China and Taiwan in WW2 and the postwar period.


What is this? Its weapon seems to only have one machine gun

This vehicle also has a variant with a 37mm gun installed

and 75mm

There is also a strange vehicle

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The tank in question is quite mysterious, but from what I could find it’s a postwar M3A3 conversion with a and a small superstructure on the top.

The LVTs are of course a heavily used and modified vehicle in Chinese and Taiwanese service, and on the old forums there were suggestions for both the Taiwanese (A)-4 and (A)-5 versions, with an interesting modification; these LVTs recieved dual 50. cals above the turret, essentially giving it the power of an M13 MGMC on top of it’s main gun. I think this is a unique and fun way to implement this vehicle to China.

As for the strange vehicle in your picture, Tank Encylopedia identifies it as a Chi-Ha SPG, although it seems a bit off to me, the turret looks different than the better known photo of this vehicle.

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I do generally agree with the sentiment however i do have some points to make in regards to a couple of the choices you made in that picture

  • Ar 196 A-5: It is not entirely copy n paste since it uses MG81Z’s instead of the MG15’s that the Event German Ar-196 used
  • Hawk H-75A-2 & KV-1B: Neither are in the Finish subtree and are still in the German TT

I also despised how Gaijin was forced to go to the Copy n Paste route partially due to laziness that is a given but also because they did the galaxy brain move of adding all the domestic Finnish Aircraft & Unique Finnish modification of foreign aircraft as Premium’s or Event vehicles and there is no easy way to get out of it

As for the question itself. Copy in paste do have a role however they should be the Last Resort in terms of adding vehicles not the default option let alone the first option. Yes that even means that Prototypes and even unfinished vehicles should be incentivized over pure copy n pasting and no whinging from Historical Accuracy Puritans is going to change my opinions


Well I marked every vehicle that was not made or modified by or specifically for Finland, so whilst the Ar 196 A-5 isn’t copy paste, my point is that Finland played no part in its creation, and therefore it should’ve just went to Germany. As for the Hawk and KV-1B I only included them because of the possibility of them eventually moving to Sweden, and I wanted to mark them as non-indigenous.

I just made that image to provide a visual representation of the Finnish-made and foreign-made tanks and aircraft Gaijin chose to add.

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I don’t like this practice, but I can’t exactly blame them either. 3D models like the ones they use aren’t cheap at all.

More SPGs can meet this requirement


Very much so, I was only listing vehicles created with WW2 technology, but there are many postwar Chinese SPG designs that would work great in these lower tiers as well.

It was never trying to be one.

I don’t understand why replaced. The M8 LAC was used by the ROC and the game has only ever been depicted as a game of tanks, not historical accuracy. Which has been at best surface layer.

Aside from that if you want these vehicles then suggest them. There really isn’t a reason to replace 1 vehicle for another cause its copy and paste especially if one of the 2 main factions were utilizing it. Cough the ROC.

Some may see it as a waste to replace vehicles, but I see it more as a new addition, just as any standalone vehicle an update brings would be. When Gaijin replaced the Chinese PT-76, regardless of the reason, it was still introducing a new vehicle that made the tree just that bit more Chinese instead of Russian.

Of course I wouldn’t want to neglect the trees that actually need new vehicles like SPAA and IFVs, but eventually they will fill up with the necessary additions, and it might be a better idea to start replacing the now unecessary lineup filler.

I’d say the majority disagree with you but the minority seems to be the loud ones. So hard to say better off just adding more.