Should Gaijin stop Copy-Paste vehicles, for tech trees that has domestic designs?

Just like the title says should gaijin instead add priority to domestic designs/upgrades to vehicles that is specific to that country?

Your opinion? And tell me why
  • Yes
  • No
  • add them as a temporary thing untill the domestic vehicle is added
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yes, this is a disaster.


Sometimes copying and pasting vehicles can solve some TT’s lack of lineup issues.
But this feature has been abused. Until 2023, gaijin is still adding M41A3 to TT in China


I’ll gladly take filler/copy&paste until we do get those. The copy and paste is easy to add, new stuff takes time and resources to create.


This is the whole point. Gaijin will add sub trees with copy paste over unique models because it is a duplication of effort.

In my opinion it’s greedy and lazy. They don’t want to invest in unique models that can only be added to individual nations and instead favor models that can be implemented in multiple trees.

This leads to TTs having much less diversity, which undermines the point of having nations.

Copy paste should be a last resort. If there are any domestic vehicles that can be added they should be prioritized first. Followed by unique sub tree vehicles
(sub trees should be added based on their unique offerings and not how easy it is to copy paste(Finland, Hungary))
and finally a copy paste if there is absolutely no other solution to a vehicle gap.


It gives other nations capabilities they are lacking. It’s just the fastest and easiest solution to solve the problems, rather than make players wait eternities.


Yes, but for that to work the replacement Nation specific thing needs to come shortly.

Yes, exactly. Currently Sweden needs its domestic Light tanks(often wheeled), SPAAs, AT go-carts that was a HUGE Part of the Swedish AT Defence:





The list goes on and on and on and o-

And even a Ikv 91 with a 120mm cannon:

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I think both the Comet I and the Charioteer Mk VII copied over to the Finnish TT branch are the wrong versions (They should be the B-versions of those vehicles). That would mean even the copy/paste vehicles aren’t even implemented correctly. The amount of thought and care that go into these decisions is astonishingly low. Even the hole in the net in the back of the turret bustle on all the ZSU-57-2 is the same in all TTs. Like… come on, you can’t even add a little cosmetic flavor besides a small difference in the base color and a small roundel?


You are correct, and the Finnish L-62 ANTI II is not is actual name, its actually named ItPsv 41
And it should look like this, not have the current incorrect Swedish skins:

Although Gaijin will definitely remove the Swastika

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And the ZSU-57-2 is designated: Ps 461



I completely agree with this tocis. A tree in which we play vehicles that are put there to plug holes or that are just copied and pasted is useless. I made a topic some time ago on this and on the harm that adding sub-trees does to the game, the Italian tree no longer makes sense, the same for Sweden


Yea, id suggest having the C&P Vehicles Sweden currently has until we get the Domestic or heavily modified designs from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria(since most of our export tech went to them)

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I don’t mind C&P vehicles in minor nations, as they serve the purpose of filling gaps and providing some capabilities they might otherwise lack.

Also, even though they are C&P, the machines might still have some sentimental value. As a Norwegian I’d love to have Norwegian operated M48, M24, M8 Greyhound, etc. in Sweden for example. Of course I could play these vehicles in USA TT, but then I couldn’t include these in a common lineup with Leopard 1A5NO for example.

I imagine the same goes for Canadian, Dutch, Australian, and basically any other nationality.

The only problem I see with including too many C&P vehicles is the repetitive grind, especially if you’ve already researched the same M48 or T-54 five times in other tech trees. That’s why I propose that if you’ve researched an identical vehicle already, then you will get a discount for the research and purchase cost. “Identical” has some room for interpretation, but you get my meaning here. For example T-54 in Finland and USSR, they’re functionally identical.

Researching a frequently copy pasted vehicle:
1st time = 0% RP and SL discount
2nd time = 50% RP and SL discount
3rd time = 75% RP and SL discount
4th time = 100% RP and SL discount

Let’s face it, by the 4th time researching the same vehicle, you deserve to have it for free IMO.


Ive said this before and ill say it again:

So in short, stop adding C&P vehicles without any major modification so there is actually a reason to play other TTs

Oh, definitely I want those as well, and it’s of course preferable to C&P.

My opinion on C&P versus unique vehicles isn’t one or the other, I want both.

Since C&P takes little to no effort to make, it can be added alongside the unique vehicles with no issue.

My main criticism of Gaijin’s handling of this issue so far, is that they’ve used C&P as an excuse not to add unique things.


My issue with C&P vehicles is simply that it removes the unique element from TTs Hey, why play USA if you can play Sweden with its Sherman’s and Norway’s m48s and Finland’s F18, and so on. This is why im generally against Trialled vehicles.

Only sherman im in favor for addition to the Swedish TT is the Danish: M4A3E4

But i agree that Copy-paste vehicles would be cool as long as its a modification that is country specific. That makes it unique. I disagree with plain rip-offs with a new coat of paint slapped on

In the Chinese tree, Gaijin completely replaced the PT-76 with the Object 211. I would much rather see the same done with Finland instead of trying to cram indigenous designs and modifications into the already stuffed subtree.

I’d be perfectly fine seeing subtrees being implemented a few ranks at a time every update, so long as it means I don’t have to go through more bland Shermans and T-34s. Such vehicles as the Comet 20pdr, T-34-85 Stuk 40, and Stug III “Sturmi” with concrete armor, wooden logs, and a proper roof mounted MG are all interesting modifications that should’ve been prioritized over the lazy Finnish line we got instead.


In that case I remember a technical mod argued China didn’t even have that specific version of PT-76 in the first place (and not in the minor model difference like Finnish Charioteer but rather they actually had the PT-76B).

I don’t mind copy paste vehicles, like sure it’s a chore to research the morbillionth ZSU-57-2, but when you finish it, whatever right. I know some people don’t like the proliferation of the same vehicles on multiple sides, but eh, I just don’t really care.

It is annoying when you’re spading or camo grinding, especially when the copy paste vehicle is bad or unfun. Like I wouldnt mind spading 4 Leopard 2A4s, but I do mind spading 4 ZSU-57-2s.