Should Gaijin add missiles in the F-89D?

Gaijin added Mighty Mouse Rockets on the F-89D with Proxy Fuse. But IRL it carries AIM-4 Falcon missiles and AIR-2 Geine rockets.

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do you anything to back this statement up with?





While the AIM-4s would be a interesting addition, they would also mean a BR increase.

Yes, why is the entire 1st generation missile lineup missing from the US tree?

There’s like 7 missing aircraft and 8 Falcon variants totally unaccounted for. We just go straight from P-80 to F-104.


I’m down, I love using the F-89D. Feels wrong to use at 7.0 most of the time though.

That’s clearly not an F-89D though.


If they added the Air-2-Genie to the F-89D it would be OP at 12.7

That’s just the photo, the article goes on to explain some detail - it’s just a museum write-up but I’m sure there’s official (unclassified) documentation out there.

It’ll be fine:
Nuclear Explosion GIF

Yeah… Like I want the F3D-2M that can carry aim-7’s. I made a suggestion for it, but it got denied for some reason…


Its lethal blast radius isn’t great IRL. It could probably be balanced in-game. The real issue would be GRB and runway strafing which would be a 1-shot win game button.

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Well The Scorpion can carry AIM-4s and AIR-2 geines. But however Gaijin wouldn’t add the geine due to the act of them being a nuclear unguided rocket. In short words: It will be a nuclear bomb/missile.

Why? the Starfighter carries AIM-7s AIM-9s, & AIM-4s.

fr but i need premium.

AIM-4s won’t be at a high BR. But if gaijin would to add them it would be chaos.

The AIR-2 Genies can’t get a radar lock due to them being Unguided–Nuclear-Rockets [UNR].

Eh, the radar-guided AIM-4s would have performance somewhere akin to the AIM-7C as far as I am aware, they could fit in at ~8.7 without too much issue.

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What we have in game is the F-89D, which only carried unguided rockets.

Only F-89H (6x Falcon) and F-89J (4x Falcon plus 2x Genie) carried missiles, but not the 89D…

But I’m all for adding various Falcon variants to the game along with aircraft that carried them…


Honestly if they removed the proximity fuze from the rockets and gave it the AIM-4 it would most likely go down in BR because of how bad the AIM-4 is

for comparison it’s worse than the AIM-9B and doesn’t even the a proximity fuze

At the same time though, the AIM-4s could pull ~20Gs, which would make them usable at 8.7, the IR guided AIM-4s would be totally fine at 8.7 as well due to the lack of a proximity fuse