Should Gaijin add missiles in the F-89D?

Would be a nice way to have a tech tree version of the F-89 too. Such a shame it’s locked behind a paywall. I’ve already got the US tree unlocked and frankly cannot justify buying it.

The Red Top is like 18g yet it is super easy to dodge so the G limit really doesn’t matter

It has no proximity fuze so dodging it is super easy plus it has super limited range

It is 100% worse than an AIM-9B in every single way

AIM-4s can pull 20Gs?

True but it would be A Nuclear Rocket. Which could be at 12.7 But The F-89D has different BRs. AB | RB| SB|
In short words It’s at a BR of 6.7 so it’s 6 BRs higher. And it would be good for CAS if the enemy is winning and you need to get a fighter to destroy the complete Ground Force. Pretty Much Better than The A-10 .30mm GAU-8 Gatling Cannon due to the fact that you don’t need to dive to be invernabule to enemy SPAA.

Peak G load is around that yeah but it heavily depends on launch speed


Its rocket motor is rather weak so if launched from an F-89 going ~600kph its max G load would be near 12-14G at maximum but it drops really fast and only has very little range (less than the AIM-9B)

If the AIM-4s will be in the F-89 then also the F-4 Phantom It carried them in the vietnam war. And They need to add the F-106 Delta Dart Due to high maneuverability and a .20mm M61 Vulcan cannon

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So… In terms Is it a yes or a no?

No: Adding those missiles to the models in game would be unauthentic. A new model capable of carrying said missiles would need to be added.

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The only issue I could see with an F-89J/H would be balancing it, honestly.
Place it at 8.3 and it’d likely be pretty unbalanced. 8.7 would maybe work, but at that point the airframe itself would be a pretty strong limiting factor. Could still be a unique vehicle to try and use though, especially if it’s in the tech tree or an event vehicle.

True but wouldn’t the F-106 Be a better option since it’s more manuverable and armed

True it might be a J or B version

Still waiting Project Gun-Val F-89 that has 30mm cannons…

you mean .20mm cannons?

I mean this one

yes, after putting it at 8,7

How about a AIM-4 for lunch

Doesn’t sound appetizing