Should air combat BR continue to improve?

The air combat BR is too crowded. I spent $70 on a MiG 21 to fight the F16. But when Mig 21 entered 10.0, it was too strong. The same situation also occurs on many planes such as F104, F4, and MiG 15, which is too sad.


Depends what MiG-21

This is just BR decompression that we have needed for years. It won’t happen

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BR9 to 12 needs decompression, I reckon spread out accross double the BRs we have currently. So 9-14/15 ish. Yeah it really sucks, you have things like the Jaguar at 9.7 with no CMs fighting the A-10 with infinite flares and 9Ls

Agreed, most planes above 9.0 without flares are currently in poor condition. I just don’t understand why Gaijin didn’t perform BR decompression.

Hunter F.6 kinda really sad. Subsonic, horrible missiles, no flares, can’t maneuver

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All-aspect missile carrier should be completely isolated from flareless planes.
Same goes for sub-sonic and SARH missile carriers.