Should 10.0 russian Premium lineups be nervend/Moved in Br?

So i recently played 10.0 Russia at a friend cause im not yet at that br and i feel Like 10.0 russia is just stupid broken at least the Premium/ squadren vehicels dont know about the Tech tree ones but i have heard they are just as op idk you tell me. So i played Bmp-2m, T72-AV (Turms-T), Su-25k and 2S38. I played Abt 10 matches with different vehicels (mind you im currently 7.7Br american) and managed to get 2 Nukes just 1 Game lost and my worst game was 3 Kills 2 deaths with 8 Games being uptier and no Nuke from a downtier. So pls tell me did i just get lucky, is that peek russian bias, am i missing something or should These vehicels realy be at 10.3, 10.7 or even Higher br?

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You’re nowhere near good enough to get 2 nukes in 10 games. You have no experience in top tier tanks so you playing on a friends account performing this good seems like a lie.

Turms to 12.7 when


The issue is just the absurd amount of vehicles Russia gets… they have more premium and event vehicles than other nations have total, and they keep getting more T-80s, more SPAA, more CAS.

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I think you’re being a little harsh here.
I’m sure the guy struggling to get a 0.5K/D in any ground vehicle managed to squeak out two nukes no problem.
I think you’re being unreasonable to him.

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in uptiers apparently
Taking the T-72AV against… checks notes… Type 90s, IPM1s and even within .3 uptiers things like the L26 Challenger 1s and Vickers Mk.7s

I agree, totally unreasonable, I believe OP.


The 10.0 lineup is strong yes, the strongest in the game due to sheer numbers maybe and the UD needs to go to 10.3.

HOWEVER, in uptiers these vehicles get bodied, good Leo 2’s and Abrams can abuse the Soviet 10.0’s with their mobility. Type 90’s wipe the floor with them.

The UD and 2M are the only vehicles at 10.0 that could do with a nudge (to 10.3 respectively).


Thats what happend i admit i have no prove whatsoever but it happend like that i have no Idea how i did it i must have been blessed by the snail for once and i probably Had more luck than i have braincells but idk and since when is 10.0 toptier i dont want to be toxic i just thougt that 12.0 is toptier

Simple answer; yes.

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Well im usure thats the reasons why im even asking cause of you search the Forum and the Internet for this specific topic there are all kinds of opinions about IT some say that the 2s38 for example gets r*ped in uptiers and gets uptiers only and say the su 25 is Bad due to whatever reason but from my experice that i had these guys must have a skill issue or they are just the average wallet Warrior but still i have no Idea If i was Just lucky or If the lineups is realy that OP🤷

2S38 could easily be 10.7. Turms easily 10.3/10.7, Su-25K would be fine with either a minor damage model nerf or if other nations got a Strela equivalent SPAA.

Russia has by far the most insane pay-to-win 10.0 line-up imaginable and you’ve not even mentioned the Object 292.

No other nation in game has such a good line-up, heck most nations have to fight for a single premium at most BRs and Soviets have an entire line-up.


So i think we all agree that russia is just a Nation that gets was to much Attention from the devs and i think its sad to make such beautiful Game with such a chill Community and then IT gets ruined by money and dumb desicions and what inthink many people have realised that Tanks and ifv and all war macineri needs good Crew and Mainentenmenge but russia doesnt have that irl so imo i think russia is a Nation that is being made better than it is

Gaijin is a Russian compnay, they were HQed in Moscow till they moved to Budapest, but most of the staff is still Russian and Gaijin is still owned by a Russian so not really all that surprising which nation gets the most attention.

It is deeply frustrating. Russia get a totally unique and somewhat OP tank from an event in the form of the Object 292, and everyone else gets rather weak C&P variants of existing vehicles.

But alas, nothing we can really do about it, othe than submit bug reports and make sure they dont go ignored indefinetly


I feel Like the Community could really Change the whole russian bias-problem If everyone would do theyr part but greed on gajins side and all the russian stuff going in there yk it Just feels very fishy Sometimes

Yeah, like the C&P Mig-21 Britain is getting. Only reason for it is to make Britain more appealing to the Russian community

Other than what Morvran said, the Russian MBT’s have overperforming armor - Their effective LOS is quite higher than it should be - Not to mention the overperforming ERA and K-5 tiles. There’s also the ammo in the autoloader carousels that can tank direct hits and not send the turret into space - Which it should happen without fail.

Then there’s the Su-25/39 that have the most busted damage models in the game - Tanking Stingers and even Rolands and shrugging it off like they’re just pebbles.

So to get my point straight now the russian nation gets to mjch attention from the devs, there are vehicels that are Just stupid OP and some damage models are just plain stupid as well and a big f*ck you to all non russian Mains but they are Not getting nervend cause Most people dont know wtf they are doing so they make the statistics and the vehicels Look way worse than they are actually are which gives gajin a reason to Not Change anything