Shot at enemies. Got rewarded with team kills instead

I shot two Shafrir 2s at an F-4C and an F-5C chasing my teammate. Neither of them was aware of me so none of them flared. My teammate, however, did flare. Both missiles flew past the enemy planes and hit my teammate instead and I got a team kill. Shot a third missile at an F-104 flying past me afterburner at full blast but that one also veered off course hitting another teammate. Can I get an explanation of how that could happen? Am I a bad player? Or just unlucky?

At least for the first case, it could make sense. Flares lead your missiles past the enemy planes. By that time, the flares cooled down and your ally’s engine were the next hottest thing.

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Huh? That does make sense. 3k hours and I learned something new today. Thank you.

No problem. I find that helping ally’s is rather risky. I have been using the sea vixen for the event and any time i try to help a teammate, they decide to turn torwards me which ruins my attempt due to me having no guns.

And i have way too many many hours in this game. Best advice is to not use missiles when an ally is somewhat close. Sure they might get killed but its better for the enemy to kill them than you.

What you say is just to minimize the possibility that, somewhere, some teammate from offscreen interrupts and gets a taste of teamkill.