Shop shows pack I already bought

I bought the P-51 D-10 years ago but it still shows up in the bundle when I log in and increases the price of the “Wings of Victory bundle”. What can I do? I have played the Wetmore’s P-51 D-10 often. Why is the shop not noticing I already have it?

I don’t see it in your purchase history, most likely you got it via warbonds or some other means, and that’s why it doesn’t count.

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I never used warbonds. Was the P-51 D10 Westmore ever sold outside of the May sale?

It’s been 10 years since it was first available in store so honestly I don’t remember all the ways you were able to get it outside of straight purchase. Anyhow, we see the plane on your account so we’re gonna fix it for you.


Thank you I just checked the other bundle and the M5A1 Stuart CAD has the same problem. I bought that one only a few years ago.

Now it shows correctly.