[Shop] Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold PIN!

Netherlands is on the list though.

Just signed up to razor gold, do not get the option to pay in the store with it though. UK based

In my case, I was able to successfully get the Razor Gold Pass and purchase GE via Razor Gold Pass…

But I didn’t get any bonus GE. I submitted a ticket, and I hope they address it, but I am not sure I can be too optimistic about this specific issue.

Bruh… from what I can see, everyone over here is having issues with this promotion one way or another!

It says you need to pay with pins. Did you?

Yep! With the Razer Gold pin.

I got the 10€ one, and got all those GE with it (now I have 0.40€ I can’t use lmao).

I am a bit baffled that no one from Gaijin shows up.
What about the store manager, forgot his name.

In the UK, as soon as I click on Razer Gold payment I am immediately greeted with “Wallet not supported in your region”. They need to sort this out, because people have paid money for this…Whether it be Gajin or Razer

Good news- support succesfully gave me the missing GE! It was a very quick and direct solution, so I am quite happy now, yay!

Wanna try again now? Maybe they fixed it? ;-)

I think it’s not working again, as it did in June.
I want to buy from Hungary, but when I click on 25k gold payment then gaijin page BUY MORE/ Razer pin, it takes this picture which

I can’t enter anything and it doesn’t even show the pin on my current razer account. It has 11 on it but it also says zero.

I tried logging in again, logging out of the razer or logging out completely, it still writes 0 pins and the same image.

Where can I get the 14 digit pin code ?
I checked my previous purchase at the razer there is no 14 digit code.
The mobile credit card only has 6 digits so that’s no good either

So it’s not working again ?

It would be nice to see someone here posting, where it worked out of the box!

To have the official thread full of questions and problems without any feedback isn’t very encouraging.

would love to know if you manage to find the code you need to pay cause i have the same issue with no idea how to fix

how did you manage to pay at all it says it requires a pin code i have no idea where to get it?

I see!

-You buy a Gold Pin here (for example, the 10€ one)

-Then you receive your Pin code on your E-Mail, in a confirmation message.

-Select “Razer Gold Pin” payment option when purchasing GE (before purchasing the Gold pin, make sure you get this option on the Gaijin.Net store)

-It will ask you the Pin- you introduce the code sent to your E-Mail.

And… voilá! It will get the money from your Gold Pin.

I bought 2x 10 euro + 1x 100 euro gold pin but the 100 euro transaction is still “pending”. Never in my life I had a transaction for a digital good pending for 2 days!!!

I want to buy the 114 euro pack… did anyone actually manage to buy enough gold pins to buy the 114 euro pack? Which gold pins did you buy to combine?

I had the issue with pending.

Was the money taken and then returned to your account by any chance? This happens to me and I contacted razer support, still awaiting response

I looked in my paypal and only the 2x 10 euro transactions went throught so it means you dont lose money until they process the payment.

The service razer offers is absolutely atrocious. I’m also waiting for the support to reply…

I looked again at the receipt from paypal and the authorization was cancelled… check the email you received from paypal when you purchased gold… i bet it got cancelled aswell

Yeah that’s what I meant. Purchase authorized > Payment gets processed > Instantly gets cancelled and money got back.

in my case the payment was never processed… it’s stuck on “pending” and paypal never took the money from me.

I just tried buying 50€ gold and it’s stuck on pending again… will try again with the 25 euro pack but i think even that wont work… what an absolute joke of a company. and shame on gaijin for partnering with them