[Shop] Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold PIN!

From the 20th (11:00 GMT) until 27th of November (11:00 GMT) European users* will get a bonus 10% or 20% of Golden Eagles when paying via Razer Gold PIN!

Razer Gold PIN is a digital code used to replenish Razer Gold wallets as well as making purchases directly in the Gaijin Store!

25 000 + 5 000 =
30 000 GE
25 000 + 5 000 = 30 000 GE
10 000 + 2 000 =
12 000 GE
10 000 + 2 000 = 12 000 GE

You’ll get a bonus 10% of Golden Eagles when purchasing 5,000 Golden Eagles or less via Razer Gold PIN!

5 000 + 500 =
5 500 GE
5 000 + 1 000  6 000 GE
2 500 + 250 =
2 750 GE
2 500 + 500  3 000 GE
1 000 + 100 =
1 100 GE
1 000 + 100  1 100 GE
150 + 15 =
165 GE
150 + 15  165 GE

Additional bonuses from Razer!

From the 17th of November (00:00 GMT) until 30th of November (23:59 GMT):

  • Top spender will score the Razer Blackwidow V4.
  • Lucky Draw — 5x Razer Viper 2K mouse.
  • Random bonus codes including Golden Eagles, Premium Account and vehicle packs to be distributed by Razer at the end of the promotion.

This activity is held by Razer, gifts will be distributed at the end of the promotion by the Razer Team. Details can be found on the official Razer promotion page.

*Countries taking part in the offer: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden + UK.


Will these types of promotions be available to other regions and if so when?

I just tried to figure out how “razor gold” works, but I have difficulty finding information. The above link leads to the promotion but not to the basics. Where can I read up on it, like what size purchases are possible?

OK, so if I buy razor gold pins for 100€, 10€ and 5€, can I buy the 25000+5000 pack?
What happens to the last euro change?


I don’t see the option to pay with Razor Gold in the checkout in the store.
It’s strange because I’ve bought GE using Razor Gold before.


I get that option, but I have EU ip

I’m in Europe too so it should work, but it doesn’t.

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Screenshot where you select payment option? (blackout confdentials)

Anyone who bought the big GE pack successfully through this and got 5000 extra?

I got the option, will try to find out how razer pin actually works with 1 euro one and report back on ya.
Would be nice if I receive the bloody pin code from Razer lol

aNYBODY managed to buy the golden pins?

My transactions keep getting cancelled.

I was able to buy GE with this a couple of years ago from outside EU - it was a worldwide offering - but last year it was terrible and I couldn’t get it to work.

Attempt to use at your own risk IMO! :(

Well, this is disappointing… it did NOT work!

I did the whole thing to get GE via Razer Gold Pin, but I didn’t get a single bonus GE.

I purchased 1x1000 and 3x150.

According to the promotion, I should have got 1x1100 and 3x165: 1595 GE. I am missing the 145 GE bonus.

However, I only got 1500 GE, just the same as if I had purchased normally. I am disappointed, but I hope this issue will be fixed!


(The additional 108 GE I have are leftovers I already had; I should have got 1595 GE, so I should have 1703 GE. Basically, I am missing the 145 GE bonus of the promotion.)

Well, the thing you can do is open a support ticket, and hope they will give it to you.

I will! I got GE solely due to the promotion, and, apart from that, I spent more than I would have liked (10€ instead of just 6.6€) because it’s the minimum transaction with Razer, so… yeah, I would like to get those missing GE, hahah.

All i can say is good luck :)

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Thanks! Ticket sent, hopefully they will help hahah. Otherwise I will be quite disappointed, not gonna lie.

Also don’t have the option to pay with Razer Gold when I try to purchase GE, only when I try to replenish my GJN.

Razer Gold is not working for Gaijin Store- I pay lots of money for noting- it has to slove asap.

Could you have someone look after this or explain the results reported above?
Many here will not spend unless it is working.

Razer still doesn’t accept my moneysssssssss

In the Netherlands and I still have no option to use Razer Gold.
I guess they don’t want my money lol