Shooting through objects

Hi. Shouldnt shooting through concrete walls and other stuff make the rounds perform worse? Seems like only HE rounds are stopped by objects, while AP rounds just go through without losing any performance.

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My friend have you seen a sherman fire at a fridge, or even a abrams. most it did was change the flight course

Not really no. Concrete armor was tested in WW2 but concrete itself is brittle it’s not effective against solid projectiles.

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So you say it wouldnt slow down or change the course of projectile at all?

I think it’s much worse and unrealistic that we have paper houses blocking your rounds in Japan map.
Also concrete and reinforced concrete are different things, not sure what you consider a concrete wall.

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For the small concrete walls you can shoot through in War Thunder, to my knowledge no.

It does seem like an incomplete and inconsistent
physics across the board

Here is an example, concrete small element, probably like a 30cm thick and behind it enemy tank … he died a second later in that video, but i really wonder if it wouldnt deflect a projectile at all, make it less effective, its not like a paper, its pretty tough material.

Concrete has a good resistance in vertical loads, but very bad at horizontal ones.
That’s why armoured concrete, with steel bars inside, is used for buildings constructions.

In this sense, in a “real case”, a simple wall made by only concrete is very easy to penetrate.

You forgot that HEAT shells also explode by objects.

The amount of times my Heat shell detonated on a bush… when im in the Ikv 103 with no MG

I was in a match recently where an iron fence didn’t even stop HEAT FS.