Shooting through boulders and ground and banks

This is what I’m talking about bad mechanics in this game shooting through banks boulders and hillsides aren’t you all getting tired of this in War Thunder still has not fixed this and I was promised by War Thunder seven years ago that this would be fixed and guess what it hasn’t it’s like you knock a tree down and it disappears into the ground when it should become cover are you next to a building you can put your main gun through the building and shoot the enemy on the other side of the building it’s just not right it’s like taking the breach out in the turret it can’t happen without killing the tank Crew in real life so why is it in the game I mean this is a realistic mode I’m talking about not arcade I don’t care what happens in the arcade mode and War Thunder is making the maps smaller and putting up barriers that you can’t get to a good sniper spot in the mountainous terrain well I know what the monitors of this forum is going to do with this article they’re going to mark it as a rant and they’re going to close it but this is not a rant this is cold hard truth it’s like taking out the main gun the only time I have never seen a main gun being taken out is because of the dumb tankers that are in the tank usually the TC are gunner bad rap Bending the main gun tube around a tree or a corner of building because there weren’t paying attention but never in battle so on that note come on guys why does it happen in the game and it should it’s like War Thunder put in mobile artillery pieces and call them tank destroyers what a joke that is because they’re not tank destroyers if they put them in the game they’ll be able to play them like they’re supposed to be played not as something they’re not right y’all have to agree with me on this. I know this is not a rant I mean if you want artillery pieces you can go to WOT at least you can play an artillery piece the way they’re meant to be played it’s up to the programmers to make it to where we can play the mobile artillery pieces in this game the way they should be played not as tank destroyers because they’re not when they’re rounds you only got what is it 61mm a penetrate armor penetration power the only way that’s going to do is if it comes in on top of the tank you’re trying to kill we all know the tank destroyers on the front slope have a lot of armor but mobile artillery pieces do not have the armor to go head to head with a tank!!! Just remember this is not a rant I’m just stating the truth

Shooting through boulders and ground and banks

More like “Typing through periods and commas and carriage returns”

Claims it isnt a rant. Writes a mile long paragraph.


I’ve not witnessed this at all this year.
If you have & didn’t bug report it then why complain now?
Make bug reports of well-documented incidents.

Here are Three pictures of a missile or rocket going through the ground and not exploding sabot rounds and heat rounds do the same thing

That’s shooting through the deformation layer.
Which could be sus or a really good player, either way the deformation layer isn’t a physical object because CPU cycle reasons.

Boulders banks and rocks and desserts sands Blake in these photos

are objects in the game and should not be able to be shot through just like any other game simulator War Thunder is the only game that this can happen in it doesn’t happen in any other game it’s just like World of Tanks they have deflections if you don’t hit object or shooting that squarely the round deflects off of it and that’s the way it should be in war Thunder so on that note what you’re saying does not have anything to do with anybody’s CPU cycle reasons it’s bad mechanics in the game End of story are bad programming which the Russians can’t get a handle on it

War Thunder is also the only sim with a deformation layer in the genre.
It’s a unique problem of deformation layers, and most sims omit deformation layers cause simulating ground deformation is mostly a visual thing.

Also, Europeans* develop this game.
And since no other developer in the world modeled physical deformation layers, calling Gaijin bad for also not doing it isn’t helpful.

Just hide further below the deformation layer in the future.

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GAYJiN is also making the map smaller and it’s BS-changing I want the money back I spent on this damn game you’re ruining the game this game is can’t get it right it’s just like the mobile artillery pieces they put in the game as tank destroyers it’s not right but yet they put them in there that’s how backward this game is it’s just like firing missiles through trees that can’t be done but yet it can be in this game are radar that can see through trees mystical right they can’t get it right because they don’t have the programming skills to do it

Well GAYJiN or War Thunder can just take this deformation layer out of the programming it’s never worked right so they need to get rid of it and do it right maybe you programmers need to get lessons on how to program it because when you knock a tree down and it disappears into the ground that’s just not right it should become cover and it sucks and then on top of it you got all these hacks that are in the game and you need to crack down on them by banning the guys with the hacks and hackers that get reported it’s just like you’re anti hacked it doesn’t work because they keep hacking around it what you programmers are doing is taking all the fun out of the game it gets me so mad when I play this game I can’t see straight sometimes it’s just like the front slopes on these tanks, especially the Abrams tank alright nothing going to penetrate that front slope on the hall or on the turret but you guys oh they’re just a soft tank but the Russian tanks are better and i put a lot of Russian tanks in the junkyard desert storm and it’s just like Tank between two buildings and you can spin your turret 360 degrees that’s not right neither and you guys are so profound at taking out the main gun in this game but when you’re between two buildings and you spend the turret aren’t you going to take out the main gun when you do that it’s called bend the main gun tube no I’ve seen that happen in real life and you would think that this would happen in this game in realistic mode anyway you know I can go all day long the problems that are in this game but you guys refused to change anything or fix it and that’s the problem with Gajin so anyway get rid of the deformation layer in the genre!!! And another thing you guys are making the maps smaller and that is just pure BS like I said you’re taking the fun out of the game!! Open the maps back up so you can play on the whole map not just part of it!!!

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Again, this isn’t a problem if you just account for the layer.
A player was incorrectly banned in the past due to the deformation layer not showing up on ULQ [it shows up since at least 2021].
Simulators will have these minor issues, welcome to the genre.
They’re focused on subsystems more than visual eyecandy.

Shooting through deformation isn’t sus OR a great player, you can just turn it off in the graphics settings lol. No hacks, just a simple option in the base game… and you will have 100% crystal clear vision through the deformation layer (because it won’t be rendered)

Graphics: “Terrain Quality” slide to 0

If you knew somehow they had it turned on, then you’d have to be a good player, but you can still shoot through it reliably in 3rd person mode, by inching forward until your small circle snaps to your big circle and fire.