Shooting Experience

Hi. I think it would be nice if War Thunder shooting experience was better, now its a little bit empty? I mean the sound when firing, the effect, recoil or maybe little screen shakiness, muzzle flash or impact, now i feel like there is no experience at all, there is some sound and thats basically it, i wish it was better …

I found this video on youtube, its just an example how it could be better, it has some cool features, like a sound effect, when firing there is a little bit more dust infront of the barrel, there is also a screen recoil effect, its nicely shaking, i wonder if it wasnt an actual feature in game 6 years ago, did they turned it off ? I mean it looks and sounds a bit more satysfying when he fires a gun …

I think it would be nice if firing a guns would be much more realistic in WT.

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The screen shaking is still in the game. It’s a setting you can adjust.

As for the sounds, I do agree that War Thunder’s gun sounds feet a touch lacking. They feel a bit too one note.

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Didnt know that, it must be turned off or be very little, it looks much more present on the video, and it looks better with that little shake, you can almost feel the recoil …

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