Shitbox of a KA-50

The KA-50 is still 11.0 doesnt seem to bad right? compare it to other helis. For example the swedish MI-28 its 10.7 with 4km less range, worse optics, no missle or laser warning and way worse survivability. You could say they do this for money, but making a vehicle so overpowred that it can rule a whole battlefield is just wrong.


Helicopter BRs are clearly just decided by a random number generator, it’s such an absolute mess. Go play the german alouette (8.3) and you’ll find it to be much better than most 8.7~10.0 copters


Lmao that is such a bullshit statement

The Ka50/52 series of helicopters have been a problem child ever since the cluster fuck of a patch, Black Shark 1.93.

When it was first introduced you were able to first spawn it with Vikhrs and overrun the enemy team within a few minutes, no fucks given. Since then a lot has changed, e.g.:

  • higher SP cost for ATGMs for all Helis
  • higher SP cost for S-130F rockets
  • addition of more capable AA systems/APS for two non Russian tanks

But yeah I completely understand your frustration. The Ka50 simply doesn’t belong at 11.0, it is just way way stronger than most other 11.3 and even some 11.7 Helis. One of the most rehearsed arguments for it’s BR is that the Ka52 is soo much better with it’s thermal imager and ability to carry 8 Iglas on top of Vikhrs and unguided rockets but thats just simply not an excuse.

Best you can do rn is to just heli spawn camp if Russia is on the enemy team or just prep every match for a heli rush.

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I agree, remove the fan fiction swedish mi28. That will fix that issue


Honesty if thermals are the only thing keeping it down they should just pull a switcheroo on it like they did with the CV90105 and change it to the Ka-50N Night Shark with FLIR at like 11.7

Those are better off being in the tech tree. Mercury variant too. Premium ka50 can be moved to 11.3 so it always can face missile spaa even at a full downtier