Ship size comparison chart

Given the significant size variation among ships compared to planes or tanks and underappreciation of modeling task of each ship, I’ve decided to create an orthogonal presentation of several selected ships using Blender and game models in same scale. Which ships would you recommend to be added?

(Please check the file in original size, there are also some tanks and B-29 for comparison)


How were you able to get the in game models into Blender?

Some other ships which you could do: USS Roanoke to see just how long it is, maybe size comparison between the top BB/BC such as Scharnhorst, Kronstadt, Hood and Mississippi?

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Hood is the largest playable ship in the game so far, and she’s only going to be superseded by Bismarck, Iowa and Yamato in the future (without considering unfinished and paper ships). Btw having a B-29 as reference here is quite an interesting choice, I didn’t expect it to be that large when put alongside a battleship


Wow this is actually really cool i didn’t realize Alaska was that long haha

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It took me a while to realise just how HUGE Hood is. And then just how long Glorious is.

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This might interest people, its a size comparison of the 1920’s Super-Dreadnaught-Battleships. Some were cancelled by the Treaty like the N3 but I believe the rest were laid down.



Thanks for the input. It’s worth noting that numerous methods exist for utilizing game files, which can be easily found with a basic Google search. I believe this kind of non-profit usage goes under fair use, but ofcourse I can remove the link if offended by Gaijin.

Added Roanoke, Hood and Renown.

Here is a link to the almost lossless png:


I’m not good at that sort of thing but hopefully it interests anyone here.

Thank you for the great display of our ships!

i mainly asked since the CDK has ready bleander plugin but I am unable to run it since the blender shows some errors. I don´t even know if it allows export of game files (even though it is called import/export).
You used different approach I am guessing?

Afaik not the Bismarck.

Richelieu < Bismarck < Hood < Yamato < Iowa, for the big boys size.

I was talking about the tonnage, Hood and Iowa are both very long but it doesn’t make them larger in displacement than Bismarck and Yamato

Bismarck was known for being the first battleship to outweigh Hood (which says something about the design inefficiencies in a 15-20 year newer ship which is basically no better whilst being heavier). If we really wanted length as a measure, many cruisers are longer than contemporary battleships, but nobody is going to say they’re notably larger.

I am a navy illiterate. Can you explain briefly, why ships increased in size but not in guns? Like Hood vs Revenge and QE.

I hope russia wont get any more paper /unfinished ships just for the sake of russian bias to be at same level like other nations. If gaijin keeps removing unfinished projects or prototypes from the game then should not make exeptions for russian in naval.

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such as Sovetsky Soyuz-class. That is already in mobile version. But I diagree to add in pc version if gaijin keeps removing prototypes and unfinished things from other nations but for some reason russia can.

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Yamato way bigger only bit shorter than Iowa.

Sovetsky Soyuz is bound to be added into the game. She was more complete than Kronshtadt, not to mention that a lot of essential components for her were already made (e.g. SS’s 406 mm/50 B-37 guns were built and fired, we got a decently realistic statistics for them, while 305 mm/54 B-50 that we have in-game on Kronshtadt were never made in steel and the statistics it has in-game are held on hopes and wishes).


With regards to Hood vs. Revenge vs. QE, the simplest answer is speed. With a given level of tech (these were reasonably contemporary designs) you can get a certain amount of power out of a given volume of boilers and engines. This couples with the necessity to make a hull pointier to ease travel in water at high speed to make it so fast ships are longer than slow ships.

See also how Iowa is effectively the same as South Dakota preceding her, but is 5 knots faster on 10,000 tons more. (She received slightly more powerful guns to compensate the otherwise marginal improvements).

Hopefully that helps :)


Sovetsky Soyuz was pretty unfeasible for the USSR, things like Kronshtadt and Stalingrad however were feasible. IMO if SS comes it should get its belt split into two parts as the USSR cancelled it partially because they couldn’t build a belt above 9.1 inches thick.

I do think she should come