Shifting BR making it hard to field a line up

I had a nice line up for 5.3 in USA now the Cobra King is 5:7(ridiculous) and I am struggling to find anything to replace it.I find it quite hard in various countries to make a line up due to shifting BR.Italy was ruined as well.
Is anybody else annoyed by Gaijin constantly raising and lowering the BR of vehicles that have been around for years and having a nice line up destroyed or is it just me being a misery?


You just have to reshuffle and make a better lineup then. You don’t have to have everything at 5.3, but the reason that 5.7 puts you up more is because of the .4 gap between .3 and .7, compared to the .7.0.3 that comes about.

I find stuff being moved to rank 2 more annoying.

Get used to it. France used to have a nice lineup at 4.7. Now everything is 5.0 or 5.3 and its pretty bad. (I don’t play jumbos in any of my sets)


I obviously have to find alternatives but it’s just annoying especially if it’s a premium you paid for to add to a lineup. 5.7 puts me into 6.7 which is no place for the Cobra King ,Im struggling to pen Panthers as it is.It’s not just USA at 5:3 but across the board.
It’s just seems silly that a tank stays at a BR for a couple of years or more then then Gaijin suddenly decides its op at its current BR. WT is a game destroyed by the fixation of statistics and it’s got all it’s players fixated by stats as well.Gaijin fiddling and tinkering constantly simply puts me off investing in another year of premium.It’s their loss in that respect.I can’t be the only one who won’t spend anymore due to lack of trust in Gaijin not changing the things I like about the game.If it’s not one thing it’s another.

Gaijin suddenly decides its op at its current BR.

Tanks are constantly added to the game, and the population is constantly shifting, new blood coming in, old people churning out, etc.

The performance of vehicles will naturally drift over time, even if they weren’t trying to also do some sort of “decompression” shenanigans on top of that.

WT is a game destroyed by the fixation of statistics

Every single successful game in the world is “fixated on statistics”, every game balances for well-matched win rates on both sides of a game. Fortnite, COD, War Thunder, LoL and Dota, Starcraft,, you name it. It’s very well established for decades… arguably centuries… that humans most enjoy 50/50 odds going into a competition. To get that, requires nudging BRs around.

Clearly the answer is buy more premiums, as always.

The answer is just to leave the game alone in some respects and allow people to get good at it without undoing all the players efforts made over time to get used to BR and the Maps.Few things get fixed or improved,the game is the same ol same ol .
The changes that are made are often rather insignificant or amount to flooding the game with even more vehicles.Some things need to be grounded to allow players to gain experience.Moving a vehicles BR after two or more years does nothing more than cause irritation.
I do feel that player input is actually the very thing that kills War Thunder.Gaijin actually had a good thing going once.The sale is on and I had the chance to get a years subscription but Im not going to,I don’t trust Gaijin not alter WT beyond belief.

Yeah, BECAUSE of them constantly tweaking it to keep it in balance, lol. “It’s the same old game” is the highest possible praise you can give to a game balancer whose job it is to monitor something like BR.