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No all MKK uses VEP, since that is the same as the Su35 prototype. The devs said all western source on J11A data link are wrong because their info are based on exercise data, which was a Su30 MKK rather than J11A, so Su30MKK must have 2 datalinks. Plus it is only an upgrade to the baguet 55 so should be easy enough.

All of my resources state that the MKK uses N001VE while the MK2 received N001VEP.

Ill dig for info.

The difference is only the baguet thing is it not? I am not sure of all Su30 MKKs but I am certain that all that are in service currently have N001VEP. I was looking at an old forum page which states they all have N001VEP rather than VE as that is what the Su35 prototype it was based on carried which was based on Su27S, but I believe the Su35 is T10-M3 version rather than original modified off a su27S. Someone has mentioned the N001VEP being upgraded to something like Zhuk or PERO but I have not seen anything to suggest this, can you dig for that as well? Cause I can’t access a lot of things.

The Su-35 was based on the T-10M, the Su-35S on the Su-35.The Su-30MKK has never had a Zhuk radar

What about MK2?

Zhuk family radars never were something more than just proporsals (maybe even with flight tests) for Flankers

i looked across a few sources and Su-30MKK only has N001VE. Su-30MK2 has N001VEP

Apparently it got flight tested on one of the Su35 prototypes, but nothing of real authority have proven that.

What are your sources cause I saw that in an exercise they described a flanker with 2 datalinks with no wingtip pylons but electronic countermeasure pod, I thought they were talking about Su30MKK, which would make it a N001VEP, although some people did say VE was 2 datalinks. From different sources some suggests SU30MKK was developed by transition of Su35UB so that would mean it also has N001VEP as that was what Su35UB initially was designed to carry, after all KnAAPO never designed other double seaters.

Just to ask, what is the upgrade from VE to VEP? There seem to be so many suggestions like baguet upgrade or just the addition of an entirely new SUV-P which makes VE-P.


As far as i know VEP allows the Guidance of Kh-31A

Is that the anti-ship missile or the anti-radar system missile?
Also did you see the F15SA data leak thing?

F15SA? Whats that?

Also Kh-31A is Anti-Ship

Oh there is apparently another Russian company who said they have 250GB of classified US documents, they let out the F15SA flight manual which described the AIM120C and AIM9X, but it is more of a description than anything, although they do claim to have more of this as the 250GB is quite a lot.

The N001VE apparently has a separate wire leading to a different unit completely new which was called SUV-P which allows second datalink, but R77 capability are modified within the radar, which is VE, and VEP is just an additional upgrade to radar to allow Kh31A, this is what I’ve got.

No!..The Kh-31A and Kh-31P missiles can also be used by the export Su-30MK/SU-30MKK…
1.Most export Su-30MK2 with radar RLPK-27VE…there is also information that some have a Slit (Planar) antenna array…
2.SUV System (Weapon Control System)-can be upgraded separately from the Radar…Respectively SUV-B(Air) and SUV-P (Surface)…
3. Modernization of the Radar to the level of RLPK-27 VEP (izdelie N001VEP)…allows the use of missiles (R-27P1/R-27EP1/Kh-59MK/Kh-35E)…
4.It is optional for export aircraft…A two-channel digital receiver can also be introduced (when modified, it allows you to simultaneously attack 2 targets)…
5. Also, during refinement, the detection range of an aerial target (EPR = 3m2) into the Front hemisphere in free space can be increased.up to 150 kilometers…


Су-30мк2_Су-27СМ.zip (1.8 MB)

Well someone has told me the KH31s capabilities are the result of direct modification of the radar itself and an extra unit could be added or upgraded like SUV-P.
It is a Chinese tradition to upgrade something without any change of name or designation.
Gaiselin antenna was the original N001 antenna since the development of the planar array antenna was doing badly, some suggested they reverted back to the planar array antenna after its difficulties are solved. (the Gaiselin antenna is 1.5x of Mig29 one)
I read about a different designation for SU30MKK radar called N001P which was later perhaps upgraded.
If I am not wrong RLPK is the designation for the fire control system and is not just the radar, right?
Regarding upgrades, do you have anything on the PANDA radar which seem to be really interesting as it is a PERO PESA antenna added to N001. (PERO is both used for N001 and N019, and it is track 12 attack 4 capable)

RLPK (Radar Sighting System) it includes (Radar/SUV/Weapon Selector/Navigation system for some types of missiles/ILS (Indicator on the windshield) and several other systems…for example, an optional data bus for the integration of Western weapons)…

  1. The PERO is not a radar but an antenna system-there is no exact data where it was installed…

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  1. The radar for the Su-30MKK in the sources of 2000 was designated as N001M. In the future, the name N001VE is used …
  2. I repeat once again-the SUV system can be upgraded (705.6 KB)
    Китайские противокорабельные ракеты. Часть 2-я (
    Многоцелевой истребитель Су-30МКК. - Российская авиация (xn–80aafy5bs.xn–p1ai)

I know about the SUV upgrade thing, but I am now just trying to translate this…
Wait a moment before I read all of this.

No PL12 performance is stronger than R77

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