Shenyang J-11, J-16, J-15, History, Performance & Discussion

Compared with su30, j16 has a different vertical tail and cancels the pitot tube. The early gray j16 in this picture is pl15.


Don’t need to upgrade to j16 level, just do some cracking.

What’s the point of a little hacking - if the planes are the oldest of 2004… and they will fly for another 20 years…Or were there packages of gradual updates…?

There is a photo of the Su-30MKK with Chinese missiles.?

Bro, your information may be out of date. China’s su30mkk has been modified and can use Chinese air-to-air missiles.

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What year…- it’s 2020…


This is a picture from 2015. su-30mk2 uses pl-12. The time when su-30mkk uses pl-12 is still unknown. I guess it may be 2020.


Im not trying too say that the Su-30 is bad, but at the end of the day the J-16 is probably going too be superior in most metrics that count, and it’s AESA radar is definitely going to be better than the PESA radar found on Russian flankers. Also why got caught up on the Pl-12 when we have missles like the pl-15??

We don’t know the characteristics of the Chinese radar yet…I wrote in the posts above that Antennas of various types have their positive and negative sides…We do not know the characteristics of the Updated Bars/Irbis radar…
But there are statements from Radar Developers…and some 2006 data on the Irbis-E…
“At least in terms of detection range, Irbis surpasses all airborne radars known in the world with conventional phased array antennas and AFAR.” «Разработчик радаров для Су-35 и Су-57 — о сирийском опыте, конкуренции с F-35 и «умной коже» Су-57» в блоге «Армия и Флот» - Сделано у нас (

We know the J-16 has AESA and that no Russian flankers in service does. This means that J-16 already has an advantage over the Su-30. It doesn’t matter how good the radar is on the Su-30, it’s still PESA which will always have shortcomings that AESA simply doesn’t, that’s not up for debate and I don’t know why you keep getting caught up on this

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Notice how they say “conventional”? It’s because there’s no point in trying to compare your PESA radar with AESA if you want it too sound good…

Also does anyone know if the Chinese ever bought Russian targeting pods for their Russian Flankers? Or have the Chinese ever put their own domestic pods on the Su-30MKK or Su-35???

This su30mk2 is carrying pl8 and pl12.


China has 23 different flankers


In the future I expect and look forward gaijin add J-11A & J-11A MLU to china tech tree

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