Shell performance

I’m finding my shell’s in me entire line up is having trouble pinning tanks even though the shell has more then enough pin capability to do so . Repeatedly getting no pin on armor that the numbers say should easily pin and damage almost every tank I face .But over and over I get killed by the tank that just shot with should have been a kill shot .It doesn’t make any sense when the protection analyzer tell me my shot was a kill shot but in game it’s the reverse .The tank I should have killed kills me . If the protection analyzer isn’t accurate then fix it or remove it But tell us the truth so we know what to expect in game

Maybe just connection issues and Volumetric. Annoying yes ive seen it to but not frequent enough for me to think of reworking the whole system.

Like test drive, protection analysis leave a lot to be desired. Unlike modern tank projectiles, these WW2 lower velocity rounds bleed speed quite quickly at range. Also when firing against russian tanks IS1, T-34’s, they have different armor in game compared to armor in test drive ( I am joking, a little).