Shared modyfications

We can all agree that stock grind is just painfull, where is no joy that you just unlocked new vehicle since you have to spade it or at least grind some necessary mods to play comfortably.
What if snail would make mods shared across vehicles, for example why we have to unlock same ammo type X times when we already have it on the other vehicle, like researching M829A2 for M1A2 and M1A2 SEP? Imagine if you could just start with top shell since you RESEARCHED it already.
It would make grind so much less painfull, especialy for top tier where you need like 30k RP for one mod.
So if previous vehicle in the line got the same parts there is no point in grinding the same mod 2 or more times. Yes I know its money for GJN cuz some players just use GE to spade vehicles, but I doubt its a big cut in their income.
What you guys think about it?

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gonna be addressed so to say with the coming roadmap changes, more vehicles are supposed to get foldered and foldered vehicles will cost 50% less rp