Shaking Bug in ARB SRB and Arcade Air battles

Please when ever i try to play an aviation game my Plane keeps shaking the entire time with my team too this happened 5 times IN A ROW please fix it asap the grind is very hard if you are trying to bomb bases for the current event I don’t know about GRB be cause i didn’t try it yet


Do you have a video?
Check if sense of flight is turned on in the settings

idk how to post a video but it’s ben going on for like 3hours or 5 now it’s so annoying since they droped today’s Patch and everything is twitchy

Had the same shaking in Air Sim, similar to badly simulated turbulence, both in jets and props. First though it was an issue with my HOTAS, but it comes and goes, or even between sorties or from session to session. Sometimes it is hardly noticeable but other times it is quite bad, making takeoffs and bomb runs less accurate.

Did not notice this today.

this what was happening to me since 9am and not only me but my friends and other teamates in couple other matches

Looks like a POV camera glitch. But I didn’t notice it from cockpit view in a realistic test drive. The snail hates Sim. lol
Did you try from a different vehicle? (I tested a PB&J B25)

it’s happening in ARB too in 3rd person

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It is impossible to fly any plane in SB today. As soon I get over 250km/h camera is shaking as if it had some kind of hiccup, not only it is impossible to target anything but impossible to focus on the game at all.

I am using TrackIR v5, WinWing joystick and RTX 3060 Ti. The problems started happing with an updated few weeks ago. So far jumping to another server/game helped, but today, no luck. WarThunder is absolutely unplayable for me - a paying premium customer.

I’ve been having the same issue in air sim. There is a shake happening, most of the time towards the left. From my experiences, it seemed to get worse the closer I got to the ground and to my own airfield, to the point where it made proper landings quite difficult as the plane would shake more uncontrollably as I lowered my speed. Said shake was happening to every player in the lobby. Switching server regions does not help.

I’ve been getting this too- PS5- Air Sim- Props. the pulse/tick is a bit slower than your jet example but still precisely regular. In the 109 the HB will pulse too. Restarting the App fixes it.
Edit: the latest update has fixed it…fixed it so that restarting doesn’t even stop it. well gaijin.

I am also having this issue in SB and RB air matches. The issue does not exist in test flight mode. Must be some server issue thing. My packet loss is about 2-3% which never caused issues in the past. ping is around 100 though. This needs fixing

Yea seems like the rudder keeps moving back and forth regardless of input so your shaking back and forth its barely noticed as in you can play for sure still but its gotta be bugged . This is in 11.7 air realistic iv noticed as Phantoms the shake seems most visable to me

I’m experiencing the same issue, only in simulator mode. It’s unplayable, and it can even make you feel dizzy.

Same here since yesterday in sim and VR, camera (not plane) shakes very fast and randomly, seems a server fault like packet loss but when I look to the counter it says 0%, unplayable. I can’t aim because the shaking, bullets seems to go where they have to. I’ve find in the hangar the same problem in the trees seems a texture problem but when flying is the full screen. Restarted PC, and Quest to erase them as the problem, it’s the game. Please solve it.

Happens in everything when it match, ive had it in Mirage 5F, Super Etendard, N1K1, Bf110, F86K and Mirage 3C.

I even had it in Mirage 5F when in realistic battle.

Must be a pointy go-fast problem. I haven’t seen this at all in any of the prop plane games I’ve played.

Video: This is quite mild compared to other games I’ve had. Speed increases effect.


This still happens every now and then, especially when activating a 1 mission booster. I have now taken to restarting the game after the first login every time, this seems to prevent the shaking bug from happening.

There is nothing as irritating as trying to do some ground attack sorties with the plane shaking so much I can’t hit a tank with a full second of cannon spray and pray, and that is in a slow attacker.

Just wanted to chime in, seen this exact same thing yesterday in a mig-3-15. There’s also a weird delay with the liftoff ground shake animations, sometimes they continue for a good 10-20 seconds after you’ve lifted off and stowed away your landing gear, or keep happening when you’re stopped on the runway with the engine off…

Something is severely jacked up. I also get weird camera ‘judder’ (it’s not really stutter) at times for inexplicable reasons. FPS is locked and 0% PL. Using trackir 5 with msffb2 (ffb disabled in-game and ffb slider set to 0%).

Something (or several things) are severely messed up with the basic animation timing and these issues weren’t present in '22 iirc.