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The M110A2 G self-propelled howitzer was a 1985 modification of the standard M110, which incorporated the features of the M110A2, with additional modifications having been added on top of the A2 variant.

A total of 80 base-model M110 howitzers were used by Germany since 1964, and upgraded to the M110A2 G standard in 1985. The upgrade inlcuded a longer barrel, which increased the effective range, a muzzle-brake, high-visibility driver-protection and a fabric cover to protect the crew from weather, which was movable with the entire cannon-mount, allowing the crew to stay relatively dry when operating the weapon during rain.

This M110 variant remained in German service until 1993, and represents the best M110 variant operated by Germany.



Crew: 5
Weight: 28,4 tons
Speed: 30 kph
Armor: 13mm (hull)
Armament: 203,2mm M201A1 howitzer
Engine: Detroit_Diesel 8V71T (405 HP)

I personally think this would be an excellent artillery vehicle for Germany, the lack of armor and large 203mm cannon would make for a fun glass-cannon vehicle, which would fill the role of a direct-fire assault-cannon.

What do you think?


Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)
M110 (Panzerhaubitze) – Wikipedia
Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)
Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)

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+1 Sure but you’re going to have to give it an unhistorical ammunition carrying capability if you want it to be viable. Nothing wrong with that since the Chi-Ha LG has already set a precedent for such, but it’s still something to think about.