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The M110 heavy self-propelled howitzer was used by the German army from 1964 until 1993, and formed, along with the M107, the backbone of the early German artillery forces. The huge 203mm howitzer was capable of shooting as far as 17km, with a fire rate of 1,5 shots every minute (40 second reload).

A total of 80 M110 were procured from America from 1964 onwards, mainly to act as mobile artillery-pieces, but also as a commitment to the nuclear sharing program, as the M110 was capable of delivering nuclear warheads. The procurement also replaced the M59 Long Tom and M115 field-howitzers, which were previously fielded by Germany.

The lack of protection and large crew was seen a less of a concern, as the artillery-pieces would be stationed at minimum 10km away from the front-line. In War Thunder this is of course not the case, which would most likely work in the vehicle’s favor, as the BR would be lower.



Crew: 5
Weight: 26,5 tons
Armor: 13mm (hull)
Speed: 55 kph
Armament: 203,2mm M201 howitzer
Engine: Detroit_Diesel 8V71T (405 HP)

I think this vehicle would be a great assault cannon with a big punch, while being easily taken out by even machinegun fire, making it’s playstyle high risk and reward, especially if it would be set at a lower BR, because of it’s lack of armor.

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Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)
M110 Self-propelled howitzer – Wikipedia
Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)
Artillerie-Selbstfahrlafetten M107 und M110 (Bw)

hell yeah!

The 1st question will be: could it carry ammo by itself or was it dependable on independent ammo carrier vehicles?