Severe damage is broken

already bug reported it twice
both times ignored

so its either intentional or negligent

Then hit up the technical mods as to why it hasn’t been tended to.

Your want to label it as bad is a predisposition which hinders your actual engagement.

I put this

And you’re still trying to force the viewpoint of it being an issue past this.

i dont know how to contact technical mods or anything like that

i think its fair to say something is bad when you’re faced with 2 bad options and 0 player input to avoid them
The plane has no controls or functional engine, it should count as dead, the player should be allowed to leave it without further costs other than the ones for time played and not have to waste time

It’s in the who is who thread…

It’s just you avoiding the cost.

You can j out, as I said in my original post.

yeah, im avoiding a cost that shouldnt be applied because the mechanic isnt working as intended
my problem is that severe damage has broken the lifetime cost mechanic

before severe damage;
Losing a wing = counted kill = lifetime cost apply the moment you lave the plane
Engine burned out = counted kill = lifetime cost apply the moment you lave the plane

now you can be missing both wings, tail surfaces and the engine black and on fire, still not counted as a kill
i really dont think that should be the case, the grind is already bad enough as it is to now have to just sit waiting for the plane to crash or hurt my pocket further

That’s your interpretation of it, it doesn’t make it correct.

I was pointing out why a plane with one pilot can still be classed as alive.

You have the choice to make, and you seem content in having to freefall the entire way to save some virtual bucks.

plane is dead, the only thing alive is the pilot
no engine, no wings no tail controls… yeah no thats dead a dead plane and i dont know why you keep trying to justify it, just look at my screenshots and tell me thats recoverable

the virtual bucks should save themselves if the mechanic was working properly/was tested and polished but instead im forced between two options none of which are beneficial

i really fail to see why you think forcing players between 2 walls that harm them is any good

I refer you to that trailer where the turret gunner is firing until the ground… Doesn’t matter if you think the plane is dead, it can still do something.

Your choice is to take the long road to a cheaper outcome, or j out so you can respawn or requeue.

yeah thats just cope

What’s cope is your want to only accept opinions that align with yours…

seeing as you refer to a trailer from years ago that depicted a tail gunner on a plane that was burning and on a dead dive as an excuse to say that the plane shouldnt be counted as a kill i’d say that you’re either baiting or just plain delusional

what about planes with no gunners?
what about planes with no guns?
with no wings?
with no tail?

that a plane “can do something” doesnt mean that its still capable of flying, therefore out of combat
but following your logic i guess that a plane with a dead pilot shouldnt be counted as a kill because the gunners might still do something
even if the player has no control over the plane, right? :))))

My point raised before, was about the factors in which a plane is occupied, but you brought it to your ‘The planes destroyed’ nonsense…

That’s where your issue lays.

occupied or not the plane is still damaged beyond being recoverable

saying a plane with no engine, wings or tail controls is a dangerous lawndart and shouldnt be just written off as a kill is stupid

the only points you’ve raised are “lmao bite the curb and waste your time/money”
and “there’s still someone in the plane so even if its a falling fireball its still usable”

ok bud, i think i’ve lost enough braincells with this argument

The fact that I pointed out what you were responding to, and even made mention of the true reason you’re having trouble actually having a discussion, is on point.

I don’t have to bow to your opinion, as I do not share it. Deal with it.

Its plane english 😆

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