Severe damage is broken

The current system forces players to stay in shot down planes, leaving said plane will force the player to pay full repair cost ignoring the cost/lifetime formula

The severe damage mechanic needs to take into account that leaving the plane will credit a player for the kill and make the cost/lifetime be taken into account otherwise players are forced to just sit there falling from the sky for sometimes even minutes depending on altitude

In all the screenshots my engine is dead, flight controls are gone and yet im still alive?
No, that plane is dead, the kill should be credited and i should be allowed to just go to the next match without having to pay the full repair cost because i was only on the match for a couple minutes, not the entire duration

Is this cost not the choice of yourself to eject or not? If you eject you count it as lost.

If you’re severely damaged, you will have to repair the plane in full regardless. Ironically, staying in the plane longer will increase the amount you pay, likely up to the maximum. You are not saving money with what you are doing.

I never understood what was so wrong before this new mechanic came either kind the enemy plane or you didnt ,same as armour.Now we have this confusing mess as a supposed improvement.

Ah yes excusing poorly made mechanics with “its your fault for doing X” when the mechanic is not working properly

Forcing players to just sit there not being able to do nothing until they can leave the match or face a higher repair cost for wanting to get it over with and crediting the kill is just poor design

Being severely damaged then crashing or having the pilot killed will make the lifetime repair cost be taken into account

Leaving the plane after being severely damaged will make you pay full cost

it was put in place because sometimes you could damage a plane beyond it being combat ready and still have someone take the kill which was frustrating
Now you can shoot someone’s wing off and they dont count as dead because maybe they can make it back to base so unless you kill the pilot or shoot the tail off you still count as alive, even if you’re missing both wings, tail controls/surfaces and your engine is burned out. 100% making it back to base

i agree its a complete mess


Planes like tanks are dead or not ,I can duke it out in GRB for five minutes then a team mate just come in and one shots,gets the kill.Might even be appreciated in some circumstances.Thats the game.I dont see why it should be any different for planes really.

Because there’s only a pilot needed in planes, the reason you die in tanks is because you’ve only got one crew or less left.

Last Man Standing was a good concept, but it made the tank invulnerable in some instances when it first came out.

The principal is the same.The enemy vehicle is dead or not . In all honesty though its a difficult situation.So you play spaa and severely damage a plane and its as good as dead ,then an allied fighter gives it a few rounds in the wing which do little.Who gets the kill? Lsst man or the one who all but killed it? I can live with the new rules but can gaijin or will they just keep chopping and changing? Im seeing planes nerfed all the time and have to wonder at point the game is good and working or broken.

It’s not when you know what I mean… In last man standing the last man was able to switch seats, where-as the plane, there’s only the pilot needed to guide that plane to the right spot.

The only reason your tanks die currently is they’ve got less than 2 crew, driver and gunner. When it was last man standing you’d sit there ‘driving’ then if you moved the barrel or tried to fire the crewmember would try switch, and would end up with them being in no seat for a few seconds, which led to situations where it was whack-a-mole to try get that last man.

Its easy to overthink it all in what is a simple shooter. Like the whole forum is talking a great chess game but actually playing draughts. It needs to be fair and fun and that is quite hard to achieve. It was quite rare to hear a top moderator state recently on another topic that the devs are working on these things but it not easy.If you think about it;it probably isn’t.I think its best kept simple though.

the Mad Thunder mode got it right tho
Driver takes priority over everything
a simple solution would be if the tank has less than 2 crew alive but has crew replenishment available, let said tank have the driver try and make it to a capture point to replenish
Otherwise the crew replenishment upgrade is completely useless on 2 crew tanks

Then stop overthinking it in terms of the difference between the plane and the tank, and the fact that a plane until it hits the ground, is still being manned.

Tank died because it’s going no-where and has no crew left.

Plane is still active because it’s still controlable in the slightest means.

Please look at my screenshots again and tell me that is a controllable/recoverable plane :)

It’s a lawndart, it’s still dangerous.

thats either an incredibly dumb and cope take or just bait

Then you’re just not wanting engagement as you haven’t throughout the thread…

You can J out, you’re not being held there.

J out on a top tier = lose around 15k
Getting properly killed = life time cost

you dont seem to understand the issue that having to either pay full repair or have to wait falling from 10k alt are both dogwater options

And that’s just whataboutism… It’s your choice to make.

If you have trouble with this, then make the suggestion to change it or report it as a bug if it fits.