Several times both of my missiles have fired

I have a japanese f5 and have had sparodic games when when I lock a enemy up with my aim9 they both fire at the same time and literally kill each other.

You may need to check your keybinds

I have and havent changed them also gaijin has f with them again and I have to restore them again/

It a JAPANESE f5 so when both my missiles go thats pretty much game and me dead with out a kill

Also this seems to happen when I play a tu-4 or b-29 with the 4000lb or russian big bombs all of them go at once even if I have had the bomb series disabled

Are you using the weapon selector? Otherwise similar weapons use the same keys. For example if you have two different IR missiles the activate seeker key will cue them both up.

Literally just played a second match and had a mig29 had on and I fired my a2a missiles and TAKE a GUESS WHAT HAPPENED. BOTH OF THEM WENT AGAIN AND DESTROYED EACH OTHER IN Front of me

There is nothing else to select I’m a japanese f-5 I have my cannons and two missiles. I dont carry bombs in a2a in that.

I have my cannons binded and my missiles x2 they are both ir I dont have radar missiles on this.

Doesn’t the that F-5 carry Python and Sidewinder? If so you need to use the weapon selector so it doesn’t warm up both missiles simultaneously.

I didnt know that and it seems to have fixed it. But I have never had an issue with that before now

If you are carrying two types of missile then firing one missile without the weapon selector causes the other missile to launch

They arent different types I carried both of the same type of missiles I dont have the python unlocked yet either.

Then it must be some kind of bug. Can you share any video of it?

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Yeah I’d suggest just using the weapon selector even when you only have one weapon type. Really prevents these kind of issues from happening. :)


I keep having to do that it launches both missles that is very very annoying