Servers are broken again

Just got kicked from an air battle like what normally happens in naval. I am getting ping and packet loss spikes randomly which usually get me killed in air rb. Please fix the servers for once.

Exactly. Take some of that money I’ve been wasting on this game, and fix it. Ghosts shells, turrets that twitch while moving, lag, camouflages that don’t seem to appear when selected…

If you are only one in battle getting high ping and PL it might be on your side.

If you even slightly use wifi, then that is the source of your issue.

What you’re mentioning is common signs of packetloss and actual desync, and whilst the PL ‘%’ doesn’t go up, if it’s that minor it won’t register as a percent.

Servers are known to not be the best during the 2-3 weeks before a big update. If problems still exists after the update, they are most likely on your end.